Midrealm Crown Tourney pictures online

Master Phillip the Pilgrim has uploaded pictures of Midrealm's Spring Crown Tourney to his (brand new!) Flickr account.

The pictures include:

  • Site photos, showing the building layout and decorations
  • Many shots of the Kingdom A&S entries
  • Atmosphere and people shots
  • Kingdom Court for A&S
  • Nice photos of Their Royal Majesties
  • All of the Combatants and Consorts, taken during the Procession
  • The tourney final rounds, some shot at 3 to 4 frames per sec.
  • Midrealm Court, with investiture of the Tanist and Tanista
  • The elevation of Alan of Caerlaverock to the Order of the Pelican
  • The vigiling of Count Rocco Vittorio Barbarossa for the Order of the Pelican