Gwyntarian - First Contact

The Marche of Gwyntarian cordially invites you to attend "Gwyntarian - First Contact" on July 1, 2006. The event is themed on the first interactions between Portuguese traders and the inhabitants of Japan. We have planned many exciting activities to divert and entertain you, including classes taught by folks from Alderford, Cleftlands & Gwyntarian; special fighting and fencing tourneys (can you say, "War Fans?" I knew you could!); a tea ceremony; special guest speakers from The University of Akron and St. Xavier University; a delectable feast and baronial court!

Goodyear Heights Presbyterian Church
1430 Goodyear Blvd
Akron OH.

Site fee:
Adult: $7.00 pre-reg; $8.00 at the door.
Child: $4.00.
$3.00 Non-Member surcharge will apply.

Feast Fee:
Feast limited to 45 persons
Adult: $8.00 pre-reg; $9.00 at the door.
Child: $4.00.

Please see our website for details:

Included in the many very cool activities we have planned are two contests - Haiku and Iron Chef! We hope you will participate in either or both of these competitions. And of course, we have fabulous prizes for the winners!

Iron Chef:

  1. Bring completed dish(es) to the event. Contestant must provide a full ingredient list for his dish, or the dish will not be judged. Facilities are available for heating dishes if necessary; if a dish must be kept cold, the contestant must arrange for a cooler.
  2. Dishes must contain one or more of the three theme ingredients, which will be announced on June 1, 2006. That's today!!! The theme ingredients are: Mushrooms, Tofu and Pickled Things.
  3. All dishes will be judged by an impartial panel on the following criteria: Taste, Presentation, Difficulty of Preparation and Use of Theme Ingredient(s).


  1. Contestants can either bring a completed haiku to the event or participate in kamikaze haiku, or both!
  2. Prepared haiku: a theme will be announced on June 1, 2006. The theme is: Summer. Extra consideration will be given to haikus that reflect the theme.
  3. Kamikaze haiku: must be prepared on site, using a mystery theme that will be announced at noon on the day of the event. Contestants will have two hours (i.e. until 2:00 pm) to complete and submit a kamikaze haiku.

So, please plan to attend the event! We look forward to seeing lots of you there!

Yours in service and having fun!

Wulfwen, Event Steward Location:
Marche of Gwyntarian (Akron, Ohio)