L'Esercisio Della Spada

The August Company of The Martillodores does invite all combatants and witnesses to attend the L'Esercisio Della Spada (The Exercise of the Sword) To be held on the 10th of June, 2006 Mather Regional Park, Sacramento, California.

With the gracious hosting of the and the good Shire of Betony Wood and the Barony of Fettburg, The Company of The Martillodores does send word to all would care to challenge us to once again come to our Field of Honor and fight with Courtesy, Skill, Camaraderie and Style! All who would come to meet us will be prepared to show the assembled Gallery and The Company of the Martillodores their best display of those said qualities in the Arte of Defense with the rapier. Furthermore, The Company of The Martillodores invites all who would come gather to witness this event to be welcome in our shaded galleries provided for their viewing pleasure, the better to see all of the Martial arts for the day, which will be conducted in the style of a Pas d' Armes.

The gathering will have the theme of "Love, considering its best forms"

Each person attending the L'Esercisio della Spada will be given a set of tokens. Each token is to be presented to a Combatant or Participant that you feel most represents each virtue,

  • Expression of the chivalric ideal
  • Skill and ferocity of Arms
  • Style of person or “Panache”
  • And The SPECIAL token of “Love" - ONLY be handed out to the non-fighters of the event - to reward those who display their best quality of the virtue of "Love in its best forms".

Remember; ANY token can be given out at anytime during the day.

Special announcement
This year, The Guild of Saint Hildegard (herbalist's guild) will sponsor and judge a "Pas d' Love"! This is a Love’s version of a Pas d’Armes during the event. If a person cares to enter it they must submit an inspirational favor. Please know that this is not just for a romantic consort, but could also be for the love of a friend, a comrade participating, to one’s family or even to the Crown or Kingdom. To suggest a few aspects of how it may be displayed, it can be a favor either made or worn, a song to sing, a poem spoken or even a simple soliloquy for which you profess your love for. Let us know what your story behind it is! Be imaginative, be creative, it can be either serious or humorous. But we ask that you be tasteful in your expression.

The entries in the Pas d' Love will be judged by the guild and the victor announced at the potluck, so bring your favorite's favor to show off!

If you intend to enter the combat at the L' Esercisio della Spada, YOU MUST meet the following requirements:

  • You MUST have a pennant
    Displaying either your device or a badge you intend to be known by at the event. This pennant will be used for invocation/introductions before fighting. If you do not have a pennant, the Shire of Betony Wood will have a limited stock for rental for a small fee.
  • You MUST strive to dress as period as possible for the day
    You must strive for dressing in period for both on and off the fighting field, including when you are in armor. In keeping with the theme of the event, NO mundane clothing (No Jeans, tennis shoes, sunglasses, etc.) should be showing, please!
  • You will be expected to speak to an audience
    If you enter the tournament, you will be expected to introduce yourself both to the gallery and speak your challenges to the other fighters. All combatants are expected to speak with eloquence and conviction, which is part of upholding the beauty and the ideal of the L'Esercisio della Spada. Please note, if you do not feel you can speak as such, you may hire/have a personal herald to announce your person to the gallery.
  • All entrants must be familiar with the basic concept of a Pas d' Armes
The L'Esercisio della Spada is a tournament in the flavor and is based on the form of a Pas d' Armes tournament. The focus of the tournament is not about being the winner of all your bouts or being "King of the hill". The L'Esercisio Della Spada is about displaying your prowess, your personal fighting style and your chivalric actions to the gallery watching and to the person who fights against you.

If you have no idea what a Pas d' Armes is you may go to http://www.chronique.com/Library/Tourneys/pasessay.htm to find out what things are done at a Pas d' Armes. (My gratitude to Brian Price and the Co. of St. George for the information)

Fighter information:
All West kingdom rapier combat rules will be in effect.
Sign-ups start at 9:30 am until 10:30am
Armor inspection starts at 10:00 am
The opening of the L'Esercisio della Spada will begin at 11:00 am

Important site information!
Site opens at 9:00 am and closes at 8:00 pm.
Due to County restrictions, there are no glass containers allowed!
There is a full grocer and various fast food restaurants 15 minutes from the site if needed. This year, due to a new site being used, this is not a camping event. If you are seeking hotels, some are within 20 minutes from site, located within the cities of Rancho Cordova and Sacramento. Arrangements can possibly be made for crash spaces if available, please contact the autocrat for information. There is a lake adjacent to the site, although there may be fishing available, no swimming is allowed.

For children who attend the event, there is a very nice set of jungle gym/slides on site if children wish to play on them. We ask that parents please keep watch on their children on site and request that they are not be allowed to wander from the designated areas of play.

Saturday late afternoon/early evening will be the potluck feast. If you have table games or play music, sing or speak poetry, it would be well received by the event.

The Company of the Martillodores will graciously provide roasted meats of Chicken and Pork. Please bring your side dish meal to share with others for a potluck. We will be dining outdoors but will be undercover in a shaded dining area, so you are welcome to bring table decorations.

Site Fees
$4.00 per car for parking, please consider carpooling.
In addition to
Adults and ages 16 years, $6.00 (members)
Ages 15 to 10 years, 3.00,
Ages under 10, free admission.
Please remember, there is a 3.00 surcharge for all nonmembers (NMS) or non-members can accept the W.K.W.C. to defray the cost of the NMS fee.

If you are traveling from outside of the West Kingdom, please contact the Autocrat for discount arrangements.

Directions to the event
Make your best route to Sacramento area. Take your best route to Highway 50 east (to Lake Tahoe) Take the Mather Field rd. exit (Mather Field off ramp). Follow Mather field road south and drive into the airbase and turn left at Peter McKuen blvd. Turn left at Mather blvd. Travel to Douglas blvd. and turn left. Travel to Eagles nest rd. and turn right. Follow it to the park entrance. (You should see a sculpture and as you follow the road, the site will be on the left.)

Autocrat information and contact information
Ximón Martillo de Cordoba (D. M. Lopez) cynaguancourtier@sbcglobal.net Please write "Spada" in the subject line. Location:
Shire of Betony Wood & the Barony of Fettburg (Sacramento, California)