An SCA King In Camelot: Duke of Caid plays King Arthur on stage

Scott Farrell, known in the SCA as Duke Guillaume de la Belgique, will portray King Arthur in a San Diego, California, production of the musical Camelot. The production runs July 8 through July 16, 2006.

In addition to having worn the Crown of royalty in the SCA, Farrell is the director of Chivalry Today, an educational program that focuses on the historical knightly virtues.

Loren F. Salter, the artistic director for the upcoming Camelot production at the American Rose Theatre, says that this production will avoid some of the frothy clichès often associated with King Arthur and this musical, instead "bringing this story back to its roots with a strong sense of authenticity." Camelot is based on T.H. White's novel, The Once and Future King, and introduced some of musical theatre's best-known songs, including "The Seven Deadly Virtues", "If Ever I Would Leave You", and of course, "Camelot".

Scott Farrell's other theatre credits include The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), a comic adaptation, and the classic Hamlet. Other SCA members are involved in this Camelot production, including Lord Wolfnoth (mka Dave Sykes) as Merlyn, Lord Karl of Calafia (mka Jay Kinele) as Sir Dinadan, and several members of the chorus.

The American Rose Theatre is a nonprofit professional theatre based in the San Diego, California, area.