News from Ealdormere Crown Tourney

Duke Roak of Ealdormere, who fought for the honour of Lady Jocea of Ealdormere, defeated Count Sarnac Bahadur in the finals of Ealdormere's Crown Tournament on Saturday, May 27.

Unlike recent Crowns, this tourney was a straightforward double-elimination format consisting of single bouts, meaning that the fifteen combatants progressed through the bracket very quickly. Both Duke Roak and Count Sarnac entered the finals undefeated, and Duke Roak took the first bout (sword and shield) and the second (polearm) to win the day. The new Princess, Jocea, was also a combatant in the tourney.

In evening Court, Baron Corwyn and Baroness Domnhaill of Septentria, who normally work as a team practicing a wide variety of arts (bone and wood carving, brewing, cooking, and illumination), were both placed on vigil for the Order of the Laurel, with the elevation, should they choose to accept, to take place at War of the Trilliums.

Type of double elim tourney

I assume this is the SCA style double elim, not the one used in the outside world where it would be impossible for both contestants in the finals to be undefeated (since that's where the loser's bracket meets the undefeated bracket).

Alan Culross

Double elims

Alan, you are correct, it was an SCA-style double-elim tourney--but it's the first one I've ever been involved in where we haven't had someone from the winner's bracket facing someone from the defeated-once side. It may have just been a quirk of the just-short-of-16 list of combattants, or just the luck of when people happened to be eliminated, but we ended up with four people left, two of whom had one loss; at that point I think is where the format altered and instead of having Roak and Sarnac fight and then the loser fight the winner of the fight between the other two to determine the second finalist, it was decided to conduct the bouts in the way Colyne describes. Nicolaa

Here's how it went

Here's how it went down... Sarnac and Roak were both undefeated...Sir Siegfried Brandbeorn and Master Trumbrand the Waanderer had both been defeated once...Saranc faced Siegfried, and had to defeat him once to advance tot he finals, whereas Siegfried had to beat him twice...Roak faced Trumbrand in an identical bout...both Sarnac and Roak advanced...