Bardolf Defeats Lutr in Midrealm Crown Finals

Count Bardolf, fighting for Countess Brigh, defeated Sir Lutr Ulfskald, fighting for Lady Tessa of Wight, in the first and last bouts of the Middle Kingdom Crown Finals this weekend.

On a hot and sunny list field, the final comabatants met with wit and courtesy. The bouts demonstrated the great skill of both men, and were a treat to watch for those who enjoy the intricacies of tourney combat.

In the first bout, fought with greatswords, Lutr went down after a relatively short time (for Crown Tourney finals) with one good thrust from Bardolf.

Despite the heat, both Knights took to the field a few minutes later for the second round, fought with sword and shield. This style prompted much more action and maneuvering about the list. Lutr was eventually forced to his knees, facing into the sun. Bardolf courteously enquired if Lutr would like to reposition. "I think the glare from your helm will come from anywhere," Lutr responded in reference to Bardolph's highly polished helm. (Lutr was wearing a black helm.) Lutr then went on to prove that the glare was not a factor by killing Bardolf.

Tied going into the third bout, the combatants paused briefly before taking matched spears onto the field. All received a respite as some cloud cover as well as a light breeze crept in. Both men took their time to seek a target for the spear, walking toward one corner of the list before moving a bit back toward the center. Then Bardolf bore down on Lutr, and a fierce battle ensued. Bardolf chased Lutr to the edge of the list, where Lutr was taken down by a thrust to the lower face inside the range of both spears.

The new Prince was announced, to great applause and shouts, and Prince and Princess were welcomed with open arms by King Felix and Queen Madeleina.


It was a truly hot 93 degree 80% humidity day. The first fight between Lutr and Bardolph with great sword was a good fight to watch as Bardolph, Greatsword afficianado took Lutr's arm quickly juuuust past the wrist. Lutr then fought through several exchanges single handed and gave and got well until that thrust. The last fight was matched 6'ish spears provided by HG Barannos. That fight went on for a bit and Bardolph's press took Lutr to the ropes. Bardolph had "choked up" on his spear and got his thrust in on the press. An excellent fight all around. The combatants both were honorable, good natured, and fought with expertise. My Kingdom is well served.