New Middle Kingdom A&S Champion Named

Lady Antiontte Martel of the Barony of Northwoods won the Middle Kingdom Arts and Sciences Pentathalon today and was named the Middle Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion.

In a day that saw 49 entries in the Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition, only three scoring points separated the first and second places in the Pentathlon. Lady Antiontte received a first place each in the categories of Needlework, freeform; Beadwork, freeform; Cooking, single dish; and Herbcraft. She also received a second place in Miscellaneous Technical Sciences.

Their Majesties Felix and Madeleina expressed Their great pride in the efforts and achievements of Their Kingdom in the arts and sciences. On the eve of Middle Kingdom Crown Tourney, His Majesty reminded those who would seek Knighthood to remember that they should be accomplished in all things, including the arts.

The day included many wonderful performances as well as stationary arts and sciences.