Collegium of Defence to be Held in Dublin in November

A Collegium of Defense will be held in Dublin, Ireland November 6-10, 2002. The Renaissance event will concentrate on all manner of sword-play, but will also include many classes and other entertainments. The Collegium of Defence will be a wide-ranging event covering many aspects of Renaissance life including garb, dancing, drinks, courtly graces and period insults. The real focus, however, will be on late-period fighting styles. Fencing classes will be available on a number of levels and the new technique of sidesword will be taught.

A list of classes will soon be available on the Drachenwald kingdom website. Those needing more information or those willing to teach sould contact the event steward.

It was further announced that the Autocrat is seeking instructors for the following classes:

History of the London Masters of Defence, Renaissance Garb (anybody care to explain how to make a ruff?), Garb Accessories, Fealty in the Renaissance, period card games, dancing.

Anyone willing to teach any of these classes should contact the autocrat.