A Day in the Wildwood

As days lengthen and thoughts of martial victories loom closer, join the forces of Myrkfaelinn once more for a rousing weekend of heavy melee, fencing, archery, arts, music, feasting and a frolic in the green woods of the lovely Dominion in summer.

As in years past, Aethelmearc's mighty warriors will have the opportunity to practice their melee tactics to best smite our foes. For those more gently disposed, we hope to be able to offer classes in the arts, and we will host events for those youths who will someday be the glory of our Dominion and of Aethelmearc. When the days light begins to wane, we shall serve forth a feast which celebrates the bounty of the summer and the woods by our very own Lady Angeline di Aquila.

With the new year comes changes, not the least of which is our site for the revels. This year we shall sport at the 4H Acres at 418 Lower Creek Rd., Ithaca, just off Rt 13 north of Ithaca. New site is wet, pet friendly (all animals brought on site must be up to date with their shots and owners must clean up afterwards of course) and well situated among deciduous forest. Contrary to some rumors that have been heard as far away as Atlantia, this IS a camping site, so there is no need to find hotels or crash space (unless you prefer not to camp).

Site fee is $9 which includes sideboard, and feast is $8, children between 6 and 17 are half price, those under 5 are free. Nonmembers will be responsible for the $3 non-member surcharge.

Further info, questions contact Lady Muirenn ingen ui Muirchertaig, our autocrat (ladymuirenn@gmail.com), for questions regarding feast, please contact Lady Angeline di Aquil (alm4cu@localnet.com)

http://www.lightlink.com/myrkies/events/2006-06.html Location:
Dominion of Myrkfaelinn (Ithaca, New York)