Hunt for the Prize

THE HUNT FOR THE PRIZE: GLEANN ABHANN'S FIRST LIVE WEAPONS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! This historic event, to be hosted by Dragoun's Weal, will be action packed!

July 14-16th, 2006, Woodman of the World Camp, Hattiesburg

There will be several different shoots and throwing challenges to suit all skill levels. Their Majesties Havordh and Mary-Grace wil be choosing their Live Weapons Champions, including a Youth Champion from those participating.

In addition,...if you can tear yourself away from the ranges, there will be a Fighter Practice and Youth Combat, including a Youth Combat Tournamet in which TRM will be choosing a Kingdom Youth Combat Champion. The luncheon will be a fundraiser for the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann's newsletter, The Ambassador.

Lord Eduin de Alton
THL Magdalena de Segovia

THL Robert von Flusswasser

Live Weapons
THLord Peregrine Fairchylde

Lady Kendra of Dragoun's Weal
Lady Gentile D'Orleans

Weekend Rates
$25-Adult(cabin with feast)
$13-child(cabin with feast/under 12)
$20-Adult(tent with feast)
$10-child(tent with feast/under 12)

$10-child(under 12)

Early bird discount of $3 dollars until July 1, 2006.
No early bird discount for daytripping.
Members subtract $3. Children 5 and under are free.
Subtract $5 for off-board. Location:
Dragoun's Weal (Hattiesburg, Mississippi)