Photos and Report from Quest for Camelot

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva, Seneschal for the Kingdom of Northshield, recently attended Quest for Camelot which was sponsored by Schattentor in Hill City, South Dakota.

Her Excellency writes:

I'm still recovering from the trip but it was SO worth it. I love traveling to the west of our beautiful Kingdom even if there is 800 miles each way to go. It's like going home but that could be because the Shires of Schattentor, Coldedernhale & Noiregarde make me feel so welcome and at home. I apologize that there are no pics from the masked ball or the A&S. Too tired for one and too busy for the other. But know that everything that I did witness was fun and awesome. For those of you there who helped make the weekend one that will live in my mind for a long time, thank you.

Here are pictures of those memories from my viewpoint. For those of you that didn't make it, I hope you can join us there next year. You can be sure that I'll be there!! For our friends from the Outlands who joined us to make it extra special with challenges and camaraderie, I hope to see you all again on either our soil or yours.

The highlights were THL Skadi Two Otters being added to the Order of Tyr; the twins, Ajax & Katsuo, receiving their Griffin's Swords on the field of battle; the lone Outlands fencer, Lord Ugi (sp?), meeting 16 Northshielders in 16 contiguous fights and tying for the war point; the Outpost of Noiregarde being advanced to full status as a Shire of Northshield; and so many various conversations and moments of either great hilarity or seriousness that I am continally reminded why I have played this game for so long.

Picures of the second day (with the loan of a new camera) from my viewpoint can be found in the Northshield Gallery.

As usual, if anyone has comments feel free to add them at any time. Picturesmay be used freely for SCA purposes and I will delete any that people request that I remove.



Elashava bas Riva, CL, CP,
Seneschal, Kingdom of Northshield
13th Viscountess of Northshield,
Baroness of the Court of Edmund III and Kateryn III