Baron Offers Tips for Medieval Amusement

A website hosted by Baron Modar Neznanich explains the rules to many Medieval and Renaissance games. Looking for fun ways to pass the time or interesting and period activities for an event? Stop by Baron Modar Neznanich's website, Medieval Games and pick up some ideas. Included are rules for old favorites such as Bocci and Parchisi, but also some less familiar titles.

* Pall-Mall
* Bocce
* Wari
* Nyout
* Merels
* As Nas
* Fox & Geese
* Tarok
* Alquerque
* All Fours
* Fierges
* Karnoffel
* Alouette (2 player)
* Alouette (4 player)
* Basset
* Game of the Goose
* Senet
* Tablut
* Parchisi

The site also offers links and suggested reading material.