Defenders of Sylvan Glen

The good gentles of the Shire of Sylvan Glen are holding a tourney on July 7, 8, and 9, to find champions. We seek champions in all manner martial arts - youth heavy weapons, adult heavy weapons, archery, thrown weapons, and fencing. We seek champions to help rid our fair shire of the monsters and beasts that have beset us since we lost our beloved silver apple to the Atlantians (during the Seige of Glen Gary). For those who are artists, we ask that they produce likenesses of beasts and monsters and enter them in our A & S competition. The singers and story tellers may entertain us with their best performance pieces about monsters and heros during feast (our bardic competition).

There will be classes and demonstrations in the arts of maille, belly dancing, illumination, scribal arts, and stained glass; and Lady Maria Christina da Cordoba will be present to give instruction on how to excute the office of MOL.

Children will have the opportunity to "Bop a beast" (a pinyata) with the winning "bop" spilling a veritable treasure to be scooped up by all attending children. There will be a youth fighter luncheon to celebrate the prowess and bravery of our youngest combatants.

A feast will conclude the day's activites. For lunch there will be light finger foods, and for a few pennies mundane fair such as pizza can be had from the Youth Football League (they donated the use of their football field for archery and thrown weapons, please support them in return).

There is camping, pets are allowed, but the site is DRY, and no open fires (grill fires are acceptable).

For details contact the autocrat Marianna Molin di Salerno, or see our web site. Location:
Shire of Sylvan Glen (Martinsburg WV)