Spring Captaincy

Hark the call of wedding bells, springtime and the clanging of armour in the Northland! Join us at Spring Captaincy in Winter's Gate for feasting, fighting and revelling on Saturday and Sunday, May 27 and 28, A.S. XLI as we choose the Captain of the militia and watch the nuptials of Khevron & Merewyn.

Saturday's activities will include the wedding (scheduled for 4:30pm), the tourney to choose the new Captain of Winter's Gate (either the combatant or their consort must be a member of Winter's Gate), Rapier play, a children's activity, a potluck feast and a bardic. Contest entries will also be judged on Saturday - most likely just before the potluck feast. The A&S contest is period food served cold or at room temperature. The Baroness's Whim is Best New Garb. The Baron's Whim is Mead. Documentation is encouraged but not required for any of the three.. The children's activity is planned to be held during the tourney. The children will be making flower wreaths and pole ribbons for wedding deocrations.

Sunday's activities will include the court to install the new Captain of Winter's Gate, as well as a prize tourney for heavy fighting and one for light fighting - if the fighter's are intersted and available on Sunday (there are no residency requirements for the prize tourneys).

Because of the importance of holding the wedding at the scheduled time of 4:30, we will try to stick to a strict schedule on Saturday. The tentative schedule for Saturday is as follows:
10am - site opens
The lists will open immediately after opening court
Noon - Captaincy Tourney Begins
Noon - Children's Activity
2ish - Rapier play
4:30pm Wedding of Khevron & Merewyn
6pm Potluck Feast
??? Bardic & general revelling

The site is Pioneer Park in Fairbanks (formerly known as Alaskaland). We are in the Wilderness Pavilion - just along the river and off of Peger Rd. To get there, take your best route to Airport Way & turn North on Peger Road. Turn right into the parking lot just before the bridge - at the sign that advertises canoes & kayaks for rent. We are in the pavilion closest to the parking lot.

Site Opens at 10am on Saturday and at 11am on Sunday and is discretely wet.

The fee for the event shall be $7 per member 12 yrs & older, free for persons under 12. There is a family rate of $25 also avialable. (please note that this a different rate than that published in the Page). There is no camping available on site, but housing is still available. Please contact the autocrat for information on camping or housing arrangements.

Barbara de la Cara Roja (mka Barb Rusher)
juera_in_ak(at)yahoo.com Location:
Winter's Gate (Fairbanks, Alaska)