Count Sir Amalric Victorious in An Tir Crown Tournament

Her Grace, Duchess Angharad Drakenhefd reports that 99 combatants took the field on May 20 in the An Tir Crown Tournament, held in the Shire of Ambergard (Moses Lake, WA). Count Sir Amalric Blackhart, "inspired beyond belief" by his consort, Countess Caia Snowden, overcame all comers to become the next Crown Prince of An Tir.

Blackhart defeated Viscount Sir Vik Vikingsson, who fought for his consort, Viscountess Inga the Unfettered. Blackhart and Snowden formerly served as the 38th King and Queen of Atlantia. None of the final four had previously sat the An Tir thrones. Amalric and Caia reigned previously in the Kingdom of Atlantia and have lived in four kingdoms: West, East, Atlantia and An Tir.