UC Berkeley journalism student covers SCA as class project

Jenn Buck, a student of Journalism at the University of California -- Berkeley, shares the results of a class project in which she did an investigative/human interest report of the SCA.

Ms. Buck writes:


I'm a student journalist @ Cal and had the pleasure of working on a project covering some SCA activities this spring. Thought I'd pass along the link to our final class project for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks to all who helped us and granted us access so we could make this project!!

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Credit to Milica for the original lead

NOTE: The original article link below has been updated 2006-05-26, after the site was moved again. —Justin


I remember when this group came out to film the Mists/Cynagua War, but where is it? It appears she emailed someone with the notification, but where is the link?

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Link corrected

The author replied to my missive with the new link (again). She says this new link should be permanent. I've updated the original article link from our story.


Link is gone

Hmmmm...spoke too soon. The author sent us an updated link, and I posted it, but now that is gone also. I'll email her to get the new one.


Link is here

Click the "go to original article" link below the story text. :-)