A Challenge to the Knowne Worlde in honor of Mistress Siobhán ní hEodhusa

Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke of the West Kingdom has issued a challenge to a quest of learning, in loving memory of her recently-departed namesake, Mistress Siobhán ní hEodhusa.

Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke writes:

Greetings, good gentle folk all! I, Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke, challenge the good folk of the West and beyond to a quest in honor of Mistress Siobhán ní hEodhusa, OL, who died on 16 May 2006 in a motorcycle accident, returning from a day spent on one of her new hobbies. Siobhan Fidhlair loved nothing in this world more than taking on a new area of study and becoming the best she could at that skill or area of knowledge. Therefore I, Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke, in honor of my beloved friend and sister, send all of you on this quest: in this next year: take up some new skill or area of learning, stretching your spirit and your mind. There is no better memorial to Siobhan Fidhlair than to follow in her footsteps to learning.

For those of you who take up the textile arts as this quest, remember both Mistress Siobhan and Mistress Halima de la Lucha, who died a short while before Siobhan, and who took such joy in her art and teaching it to others. Both these ladies are deserving of our honor and actions in their memories.

At the Spring Mists Investiture next May I will host a display, where everyone can come and display the product of this quest, be it an artifact or a short description of a new area of expertise or research. If you cannot come to this event due to time or distance, send to me a picture or description and we will display it with the others.

We will hold festival of learning and skill in her honor, and I know her spirit will be with us, laughing joyously as she sees how well we have all done.

In love and service, I remain,

Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke (OL, OP, but today just plain Siobhan, in loving memory of absent friends)