Fairytale Fete

Come one, come all to the Third Annual Fantastic Fairytale Fete sponsored by the incipient Shire of Pavlovsk Gavan. The site will be the Marion Center behind St. Mary's church on Mill Bay Road in Kodiak, Alaska.

Site opens at 2pm on Saturday, June 3rd and closes at 8pm. Feast is a potluck. Dishes should be based on a fairytale - who can be the most creative for the food competition? Last year's winners included the Queen Bee's Honey Sweetmeats and Snow White's Poisoned Apples. Extra points for period documentation. Also planned are a beanbag siege (too much fun), leather-working workshop (many thanks to Christopher the Cheesemaker for making this possible), Rapunzel's hairbraiding/ decorating competition ("hair" and some decorations available at the site), and a bardic (bring your Songbooks). We are willing to house visitors from off-island and provide them with transportation and additional meals. If Lord Brendan is able to attend we will also have a boffer tourney at the event. Please contact Lady Rowena, autocrat for this event, with any questions at: CeCe Esparza Cece@ptialaska.net

Lady Tama
Seneschal, Herald, Rapier Marshall-in-training and sometime Scribe for the Incipient Shire of Pavlovsk Gavan, Principality of Oertha Location:
Incipient Shire of Pavlovsk Gavan (Kodiak, Alaska)