HavenHolde Alliance Corporate Secretary Answers Project's Critics

Members HavenHolde Alliance project team say the project has been unfairly maligned by comments posted by readers of their press release, and a corporate official offers this response to the criticism. A few days ago, SCAtoday.net published a press release from the HavenHolde Alliance, Inc., describing their project to create an SCA-friendly permanent village settlement. The related story is at http://scatoday.net/story.php?search_id=N-20030320-160815-0000 . A number of readers posted feedback comments critical of the project, especially its similarity to the name of an SCA group in the Middle Kingdom. Iduna Stonewolf, Secretary of HavenHolde Alliance, Inc., has submitted the following response to SCAtoday.net:

Iduna Stonewolf (Silvershawneesky@aol.com) writes:

There has been some confusion in regards to the SCA freindly village that is being developed. I would like to take an opportunity to clarify our goals. The HavenHolde Alliance Incorporated is a non-profit company that has nothing to do with the SCA other than the fact that we wish to make ourselves known to any SCA-dians that may be interested. Our filing company researched our name and found no legal conflicts. Outside of the occaisional event, my mom and myself haven't been active in the SCA for nearly 10 years. I tried to contact haveHolde via email to the Senechal, James Pratt, before incorporating and gave him my phone number and email but recieved no response. I have written a more detailed explanation of our purpose. I made it known the the Marche of HavenHolde that this was my idea as well as my mom's. I was only a child then and am 18 now. The name choice was done in HONOR of the SCA shire that taught me what chivalry and honor meant. I was shocked that this endeavor was attacked and my mom's character maligned by someone who would not even leave their name. My mom and I were well known and had many freinds in the SCA. No one that we knew from all those years ago has spoken with us in nearly 10 years. Had they done so, they would not have made such comments.

Iduna's mother writes:

Our purpose is to purchase land and build an Ecofriendly, > historical(period) village in the W.Virginia mountians. As a denizen of the Midrealm. (I and my daughter are 2nd gen Blackstars with 12 years in the SCA, founding members of the shire of Havenhold.) I am seeking support of the Midrealm in this endeavor. The Midrealm has a long and illustrious history of quality and dedication to the "Dream".

The first project is the Quest for Mt. FreyaHaven. Mt FreyaHaven will be a historically themed EcoVillage. (http://www.thefarm.org/etc/greenlife.html)

Our theme is Tribal cultures and societies that honored civil rights and women's rights circa 500 bc to 1000 A.D. We will be creating a multi cultural farming artisan's village of the period. All world cultures from the time period that follow the criteria may be represented. Special plans are in place for Tribal American representation. Mt.FreyaHaven will open 365/24 to all members. We have plans to provide permanent housing for families as well as our SCA Elders. We are hoping to obtain a very large parcel of mountain land in s.western W.V. The land has lakes,streams,and abundant wildlife. Here's a pic http://www.unitedcountry.com/Pictures/01036-01100-2.jpg . We are basing our housing on the earthship concept. This earthship castle can easily be modified to be more period in appearance. http://earthship.org/bld/castle_sale.php

We have received letters of interest from both the FEC and the FIC. These are 2 of the main networks for village communities in the U.S with > several member villages. We will also be seeking consultation assistance from The Farm as well as other sources. This only a very,very brief outline of the total plan.

Below is our mission statement.

Your Majesties, I appeal to you. I know this is being done outside of the SCA, it was necessary due to the complexity of the plan, but it is for the SCA that I started this project. 35 years the SCA has lived a nomadic existence. We need place that is for us 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Business Purpose:

The purpose of HavenHolde Alliance Incorporated is to engage in, but not be limited to, the following practices:

  1. Create low impact, eco-sustainable, and financially independent living environments.
  2. Research, recreate, implement and preserve historical, eco-sustainable living methods and technologies.
  3. Research, develop, and test modern eco-living technologies with the intent of combing the best of modern and historical eco-sustainable methods.
  4. Restoration of commercial and agricultural lands to a pre-commercial, organic state. HavenHolde Alliance Incorporated's primary purpose here is the preservation, conservation and nurturing of environmental features, especially as it pertains to endangered and threatened animals, plants or habitats. Including, but not limited to, endangered livestock and agricultural plant species.
  5. Develop, preserve, rediscover and instruct others within the community of historically important crafts and living arts; such as, but not limited to, glassblowing, bread baking, blacksmithing, weaving, etc.
  6. To present and distribute our acquired knowledge, in professional formats, and distribute it freely to the global public in order to promote global eco-awareness and cost effective, sustainable and enjoyable lifestyles.

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