Glory IX: On the Silk Road to Glory

Summer brings the call to Glory!

Following in the footsteps of those who first brought goods to Rome, our caravan will find Adventure along the Silk Road. Merchants will gather from far and wide, and Guards will heed the call to protect their goods against the Brigands who await them. Experience the wonders of the Middle East, brave the dangers of the Taklimakan Desert, and join friends Old and New for food and fellowship in Chang’An, the Imperial City.

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Activities Include: Heavy Weapons - Fencing - Archery - Thrown Weapons - Shrine Walk - A&S Classes - A&S Competitions - Bardic Activities - Merchants - Children Activities - Teen Activities

Site Fees:

Pre-registered Fees: (until 6/15/06) Adults — $23.00 Children — $7.00

Onsite: Adults — $25.00 Children — $10.00

Non-Member surcharges apply for all adults. There is no family cap.

Sponsored by the Kingdom of the Outlands and hosted by the Barony of Unser Hafen. Location:
LCCC Campground Buford, WY