Barhus Prize Awarded for Excellence in Documentation

Their Excellencies Baroness Mairi ni Raghaillaigh and Baron Mord Hrutsson the Green have announced the first winners of the Barhus Prize for Documentation Excellence. Ice Dragon in AEthelmearc was the site for the first presentation of the Barhus Prize. Baroness Mairi writes:

Sir Mord and I are pleased to announce the winners of the first annual Barhus Prize for Documentation Excellence at Ice Dragon.

Let me (Mairi) first take a moment to thank Sir Mord for sponsoring this prize and for encouraging me to follow through to make an idea a reality. Although he is still a loyal subject of the East Kingdom, the Barhus Prize would not have happened without his support of AEthelmearc and my involvement here.

We have been very pleased with the response to this idea. Our hope was that the offering of the prize would inspire the artisans to concentrate more on the presentation of their documentation. We realized early into the judging that the prize also seemed to inspire the judges to spend more time reading and contemplating the documentation - a great result all the way around!

At the suggestion of Her Excellency, Baroness Elizabeth, the documentation scores from the general judging were used as the basis for awarding the prize. While this way of choosing the winners was logical (as well as easiest for the organizers), we understand that some judges who really wanted to give input on the prize were unable to do so. We will happily take any suggestions for other ways of determining a winner for next year's prize?which is also our way of saying there will be another Barhus Prize next year.

That being said, onto the results. Basing the judging on the documentation scores, we ended up with a tie. Rather than choosing one over the other at our whim, we agreed to split the prize between Bridgette McLean for her madder died cap and Master Bedwyr Danwyn from Myrkfaelin for his presentation on rush lighting. They shared the $100 cash prize, to be used for whatever purpose furthers their research/artistic endeavors.

Congratulations to these two talented gentles, and to everyone who entered anything at Ice Dragon. Documentation is a window into the mind, heart and soul of the artist. We applaud your willingness to share not only your work but your thought processes with us all.

In Glorias AEthelmearc,

Baroness Mairi ni Raghaillaigh
Baron Mord Hrutsson the Green, KSCA