Quest 2006

Guten Tag! We of the Regiment von Lager Gryphons (Barony of Gryphon's Lair) are accepting recruits to serve the Empire and win glory questing for that which is rightfully ours. Our Company Banner has been stolen, and must be recovered at all cost! Therefore we call upon all those sound in mind and body to enlist! Don your Waffenrock, your Wams und Hosen, or your Cranach gown and join us for Quest 2006!

Troops will begin mustering on the 26th day of May at the Weber Memorial Park Group Site B near Causey Reservoir at 12 noon. On Saturday, we shall begin our Quest to recover our banner. Rotten (teams) shall receive their orders at a time and place to be announced.

Other activities shall include a Tavern Brawl for Rapier Fighters, Dussack Tournament for Armored combatants, as well as children's activities, a Holy Roman Hat Competition, (A&S competition for hats 1490-1560), and plenty of fun for all. There is also a good chance of melee. If this is not enough for you, and you would like to sponsor some tournament or other activity, please contact der Obrist (Autocrat), Lord Jashon Faustus.

Site opens at Change in time: 2:00 pm on Friday, May 26th, and closes at 12:00 noon on Monday, May 29th. There is a gate that is closed and locked at 10:00PM but we will make arrangements to help you get your gear inside if you arrive after that time. The site is WET--but please remember that the legal age for alcohol consumption in Utah (21) will be strictly enforced. Well-behaved company mascots (pets) are welcome, but for their safety must be leashed or crated/fenced in at all times. There is a river near the site, so please keep an eye on your smalls and pets. Fires are designated area only at this time (may change). All garbage MUST be packed out with you, so bring trash bags. RV parking is limited, and all spaces (camping and parking) will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Volunteers are gratefully accepted! Merchants welcome (landsknechts always have guilders to spend)

Site fees: Adult weekend camping=$15.00, Daytrip=$8.00 per day .Child (6-14), weekend camping=$10.00 daytrip=$6.00per day. Family Cap =$50.00 (Immediate Family not household) Nonmember add $3.00 surcharge. Children 5 and younger free.

Directions: Take I-15 to the Ogden 12th Street exit (Exit 344). Travel east on 12th Street towards Ogden Canyon, 12th Street will turn into Canyon Road. Follow this around the south of Pineview Reservoir. When you come to 100 South (SR-39), turn east, continue up until you see signs for Causey Reservoir, turn right on the road(Causey RD )leading to Causey Reservoir. Follow signs towards Weber Memorial Park.

Obrist (Autocrat): Lord Jashon Faustus
Hauptmann(Co-Autocrat): Lady Johanne Kathrijn die Waeyer Location:
Barony of Gryphon's Lair (Ogden, Utah)