War Situation Sparks Concerns for Atenveldt Event

The Baron and Baroness of Sun Dragon, in Atenveldt, have requested that people avoid wearing overtly Middle Eastern head dress to the upcoming Mixed Weapons event. Citing concerns that non-SCAdians might misunderstand Middle Eastern costumes in the current political context, Their Excellencies Deborah and Diego of Sun Dragon have posted a letter requesting that attendees "refrain from wearing Turbans or head wraps that could be misconstrued by mundanes as Middle Eastern." They go on to explain that they make this request after consultation with the Baronial officers, and that the intent is to promote safety for attendees, not to discourage enjoyment of the event. Their Excellencies add, "What we want is this event to be a safe and fun one for all, since mundanes in general do not understand why we dress and play as we do."

The theme, "1001 Arabian Knights," remains unchanged for this event which will take place March 28 at Estrella Park. The link from this article's title leads to the event information page.

where's the wall

Where's the wall so I can bang myhead on it? An Arab themed event without arab costume? What's next, a fighting event without armor? Come on.


May I join you on that wall??

Oh well when are we going to disban the SCA because someone might object, last time I looked the bill of rights was still in effect ::Bangs head against wall::

From the ignorant and stuped may the Gods save us

Up against the wall.

I believe that the concern shown is with respect to the person thus costumed. There have been instances of violence and even death provoked by the wearing of arabic head coverings.

What Wall?

A weekend event entitled the Baghdad Bazaar is taking place in Trimaris this weekend with not one public whisper of concern from any soul of the citizenry of our fair Kingdom. Granted, the site where it is to be held is fairly remote. I am certain that the title of the event was chosen long ago, well before this situation was even a vague possibility. But the timing is, well, certainly interesting.