Border War XXIII

Join us for our annual skirmish with our neighbors to the east, the Barony of Northwoods.

Site opens at noon on June 16 and closes at noon June 18

All campers must be off site by noon on Sunday. We appreciate your cooperation.

Three cabins on camp sites 7, 9, and 10 to benefit the Royal Travel Fund were auctioned off at a silent auction concluded at Coronation.

Please help contain the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer and do not bring your own firewood to Bertha Brock Park from Eastern Michigan (or other quarantined areas) to the park. Firewood is available for sale near the ball field. Split fire wood will be available near the maintenance building for a reasonable price.

The Canton of Rimsholt asks our guests for Border War to help us keep Bertha Brock park clean and clean up your campsite before you leave. Extra trash bags are available at troll for the barrels if needed.

While Bertah Brock Park enjoys the company of your dog, it's your responsibility to keep it leashed at all times and clean up after it. Disruptive animals will be asked to leave the park.

There are many opportunities for volunteering at Border War. Please consider taking some time to help make Border War a success.

Other activities
Scribal Tea 1-3pm Saturday
To the Good Scribes of the Midrealm and all aficionados of calligraphy and illumination, you are cordially invited to attend the Scribe's Tea, in the Skating Lodge, hosted by your cousins and fellow scribes of Pentamere. This is an opportunity for all scribes of the Midrealm to gather and meet each other, show off projects and portfolios, share ideas, tips and tools of the trade, and enjoy the company of fellow scribes! You are also invited to bring a friend, new scribe, or anyone interested in this art as this is a grand opportunity to welcome new people to the scribal arts and help them find mentors and friends. Delicious cookies and drinks will be provided!

If you would like to volunteer to bring some cookies or beverages, or have a general question regarding the Scribe's Tea, please email me at: Lady Jacqueline d'Evreux Location:
Canton of Rimsholt (Ionia, Michigan)