A Celebration

Let the banns be read in all the land that all may know: Sir Gerhardt, Count by letters patent, has chosen as his bride the Lady Judith de Northumbria, that their great houses may unite and strengthen the realm. To celebrate this marriage, there will be great celebration for all who wish to attend. To whit, let a passage of arms most peaceful be held, before which a showing of the helms of the combatants therein that their worthiness may be judged.

And let the victor of this passage be the one who most pleases the attendant ladies, for by their voice alone will the worthy one triumph. And to sate the hunger of the guests, the most excellent Baron and Baronin decree that a great feast should be prepared by the Lady Stella Seraphina, with dishes to delight the senses. To crown this day of celebration, let a grand ball shake the very rafters of the hall with music and the merry incing of feet thereto. May all know thatthese festivities will take place on the feast of St. Maurinus, that being the tenth day of June, to commence at the eleventh hour, on the grounds of the Rheinhardskirche in the royal town of Hanau, on the mighty Main River.

Site will open at 1100 and close at 2300. This will be a day event, but crash space within 20 km of site will be available for those who desire to travel. The site is limited to 100 people.

Site Fee: Adult - 15 euro, Child (5-12) - 7 euro, Children Under 5 Free - all includes meals. Please submit your reservations by June 5th by filling out the form below or writing to the Event Steward Lady Ann Busshenell at MLadyAnnB@aol.com. All residents of Germany must pre-pay their reservations before 5th of June.

Online Registration, event announcement, and any updated information can be found at http://www.knightscrossing.org/html/de/celebration.html (German) or http://www.knightscrossing.org/html/en/celebration.html (English)

Site: Reinhardskirche, Jakob Rullmann Str.6, 63450 Hanau-Kesselstadt, Germany (directions see below)

Event Steward: Lady Ann Busshenell of Tylehurst (Stephany Dorrenbacher) MLadyAnnB@aol.com

Marshal in Charge: Sir Gehardt (Greg Oliphant) goliphant@ipsb.net

Site Coordinator: Lord Bernward von Eppstein (Thomas Dehmer) Bernward@arcor.de

Feast Steward: Lady Stella Seraphina von Leuchtenberg (Rita Drexl) stella.seraphina@gmx.de

Reinhardskirche, Jakob Rullmann Str.6, 63450 Hanau-Kesselstadt, Germany

By Car
Make your best way to the B43a in Hanau. Take the exit for Grossauheim (there is a Bauhaus at this exit). Take the right hand exit towards Hanau (go past the Bauhaus and the Hornbach). At the second light, turn left (towards Hanau). At the next light, turn left (Towards Steinheim-Kesselstadt). Continue straight through the next light. Then turn right and drive through under the train tracks. Follow the priority road (which means turning left onto Konrad-Adenauer Strasse). Follow this street until the next major controlled intersection. Then turn left onto Philipsruher Allee. Follow this street to the Palace (Schloss Philipsruhe). At the palace, follow the street to the right, and then turn immediately right onto the next street (Mittelstrasse - this is a very small street that leads into the old town). Then turn left at the next street, and the church is 50 meters on the right.

By Public Transportation
Find your way to Hanau Westbahnhof. Take the Bus 1 (to Friedhof Kesselstadt) or Bus 10 (to K=C3=B6nigsberger Strasse) Get off at Friedenskirche (third stop). Walk along Philipsruher Allee (the street the bus stop is on) so that the river is on your left. Make a right onto Schwanengasse, you should now be heading towards the church. Location:
Barony of Knight's Crossing (Hanau-Kesselstadt, Germany)