Persian Gulf Casualty Report Strikes Home with Midrealm Family

Navy Lieutenant Thomas Mullen Adams, killed in action in a helicopter crash in the Persian Gulf conflict, was the nephew of two Midrealm subjects. By the family's kind permission, we share their story with you. Lieutenant Adams, age 27, was reported as the first person killed in action in the current conflict. A relative described him as "bright, funny, and kind" and as "one of those amazingly clean-cut all-American kids." Sadly, Lieutenant Adams was onboard one of the two British helicopters that collided shortly after takeoff from HMS Ark Royal, at about 4:30 a.m. local time on March 22.

Adams was the nephew of Master Sir Timothy Garagchan o'Leitrim (called Garrahan) and Mistress Catherine Aimee le Moyne de Bretagne (called Catherine Aimee), both subjects of the Middle Kingdom and modern-world residents of the state of Michigan, USA. Lt. Adams lived in California.

Aimee says of her nephew, "He was 27, bright, warm, funny, and we miss him terribly already." She describes the family as close-knit, adding, "We were very close to Tom and his sister, Cari, as they grew up, rather like a second string of parents. We were the lucky ones who were far enough away from day-to-day family life that we got to be their adult sounding-boards from time to time. As an adult, Tom would drop in when orders or travel took him through Detroit, and his visits were wonderful and exhausting - we would stay up talking and sharing exciting ideas and information until far into the night."

Garrahan says that Tom Adams was a SCAdian in spirit, if not in actual participation. "Tom had a great love of British humor, and of Monty Python, which meant we could share favorite bits and routines with him. I'm afraid he probably drove his squadron mates nuts on long deployments with things like 'Dead Parrot Society' or lines from 'Holy Grail.'"

Garrahan said that Tom's death has left a void in their lives. "He was a brilliant and gifted student, and an independent thinker with his own opinions. It was a joy to see him mature and we were ready to enjoy the rest of his life, eager to see what he could do with his amazing abilities. We miss him more than we can say - and we also know that hundreds of other families both here and in Iraq are experiencing the same kind of loss and pain. Our hearts go out to them, too."

Though Tom Adams was never a member of the SCA, his loss has impacted those who are, and this affects all of us indirectly in ways that go beyond the news reports from the modern world. Garrahan remarks, "I think it's important for people to know how connected they are to the events taking place."

Prayers or other meditations, as appropriate to your own beliefs, are requested for Lt. Adams' parents, John and Marilyn, his younger sister, Cari, and of course for the extended family including Catherine Aimee and Garrahan.

The link at the top of this story connects to a related news article in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The members of the staff extend our condolences to Catherine Aimee, Garrahan, and other members of Lt. Adams' family, and we thank them for assisting us in bringing this story to our readers.


I would like to send my condolences to you all in your loss. My thoughts and prayers for healing in this time of grief are with you all. Eternal rest grant unto him and God's perpetual light shine upon him and give him peace. Judith