SCA President Linda Moore resigns to ascend the Northshield throne

Viscountess Gwyneth Felton, modernly known as Linda Moore, found herself in an unusual but pleasant position last weekend, as her friend, Siegfried von Kulmbach, who had asked her leave to fight for her in Northshield Crown Tournament, won the tournament and the right to name her Princess. As a result, Ms. Moore needed to resign from the SCA President's office to assume Her new station as Princess.

Here is the official announcement from Jason Williams, Chairman of the Board:

Greetings, unto the membership of the SCA.

On May 13, 2006, Ms. Linda Moore (Viscountess Gwyneth Felton), resigned her position as President of the SCA Inc. so that she may pursue her new role as Heir to the Kingdom of Northshield.

Effective immediately, Patrick Anderson (Gabriel Andvaka Kjotrason of Northshield) will assume the position of Interim President of the SCA. He will serve until a permanent replacement is found. You can expect a call for applicants for the position of President of the SCA to appear shortly.

The Board and Officers thank Ms. Moore for her long dedication and service to the SCA, and are eternally in her debt. We wish her all success and prosperity in her new endeavors.

Mr. Anderson brings the SCA his professional expertise as an attorney as well as his service to the SCA as a member of the Legal Committee, and multiple Kingdom offices including Deputy Herald and Deputy Kingdom Seneschal. He can be reached at, or 952-412-4112.

Please join me in welcoming Mr. Anderson to his new role.


Jason Williams - Chairman, SCA Inc.
(Duke John ap Gwyndaf, KSCA, OL)

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Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036

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Justin for President

In my opinion, Milord Justin should put himself forward for the post. It will fill up some of that dreary spare time he's always complaining about!

In my dreams!

No, not "In my dreams I am SCA President." Rather, "In my dreams I have some spare time, dreary or otherwise!"

Now, there is this lady named Ursula who has lots of spare time on her hands...

Once upon a time

... I used to have some spare time, until I got recruited by a strangely persuasive couple who run a website!