Panteria XI

Warm breezes have melted the snow from our Caledonian mountaintops, and Spring has come to paint our vistas green. The time has come to emerge from our winter's refuge by the fireside, and to play once more on fields of soft grasses. It is time to air our pavilions and tents, and gather together to tell stories of great deeds around the campfire ... and to add a few more tales for years to come.

Once again, it is time for the good people in the Eastern lands to turn their thought toward War!

In this year, Anno Societatis XLI, on the 26th, 27th, 28th, and 29th of May, the Shire of PantherVale is pleased to invite old friends and new to join us for Panteria XI at the beautiful, private, 300 acre Kahagon Resort on Nichols pond in Hardwick, Vermont. Our site is spacious, secluded, scenic and wet.

TRM Brion and Anna will be in attendance at Panteria this year and request that their subjects join them in celebrating the season, hoping that there is no rain for the reign on the Oriental Throne. Court will be held at 10 on Sunday when Royal Scrolls will be presented.

What's Happening?

  • Archery - Long Bows and Cross Bows, Novelty Shoot and a Royal Round or two.
  • Arts and Sciences - Novice Competition, 3 categories; A & S display; Brewing Pentathlon, EK NRBrewers Guild.
  • Children's Activities - Games and fun.
  • Coffee House Sunday Evening. Great Friends. The Bards at their best.
  • Equestrian Events - HRM Brion will be here. Can an event get any better than that? Competitions, more competitions. Maybe a jousting demo?
  • Fencing - Tavern Brawl, Rapier, Sabre.
  • An Amazing Wheel of Weapons
  • Food and Feasting - Feast at 6 pm on Saturday; Coffee House, Sunday Evening.
  • Heavy List Fighting - Heavy List, Castle and Bridge Battles, Newbie Tourney, Resurrection Woods Battle and the Johan von Traubenberg Memorial Tournament
  • Merchants, of course.
  • Thrown Weapons- Javelin, Axes, Knives, Darts, and other personal Battle Gear.

Help us prepare by registering early ...

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