Organizers Seek "Snappy Name" for Pennsic Food Drive

The organizers of a food drive at this year's Pennsic War are holding a contest to come up with a "snappy name" for the drive. The food drive organizers wrote:

How many of you were in this situation in Pennsics past? As we packed up camp, we found ourselves with cans and boxes of non-perishable food and water that we just didn't have room for in the car. We hated to throw away good food, but no one else we talked to had room either. That gave me an I applied to the Mayor for this year and was granted permission to set up a food drive this year. We will have collections of the left over, non-perishable food that folks just don't want to, or can't take home. The Butler Salvation Army will be pleased to pick up any non-perishable food we collect. More details on that will come.

Before I can start arranging collection sites and such, however, I need a name for the food drive. Now, "Food Drive" is good enough, but I thought with all the people in the Known World, someone would be able to come up with a nice, snappy name. So, I'm having a contest! Please submit your suggestion(s) for a snappy name by Email to Please put "Snappy Name" in the subject line. Submission deadline is April 10 and the winner will be announced the following Monday.

Now, not only do we need a snappy name, we also need a logo, something I can put on the collection bins so everyone knows they're for the food drive and not for anything, another contest! Submit your suggestions (either described or a simple JPEG), also by Email to For this one, please put "Design" in the subject line. Same submission deadline, with winner announced the following Monday.

Since this is a food drive, the prizes will be food related as well.

Please note: I will not be checking the E-Mail lists for entries, please send them as above or I might miss them!

(Please forward this to any local group Email lists you can think of, thanks!)

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