Inner Vagabond destroyed by fire.

From a report from the Owners, AJ & Andrew, it appears that the Inner Vagabond, a migratory middle-eastern styled coffee house, jewelry and household goods shop, was destroyed by fire on Mother's Day. There was no loss of life, only personal goods.

The Inner Vagabond has been seen at events such as "A Market Day in Birka" and Pennsic.

The owners, AJ & Andrew will be posting more information when they have figured out what they're going to do next.

James "Hawk" Galloway, Network News

Excerpted from their blog entry:

We’ll never forget Mother’s Day now.

The garage behind my mother’s (Mom Watson), where we keep all our merchandise and everything we use to create our Turkish Coffeehouse at Pennsic, caught fire today. It looks to be a complete loss....

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but it looks to be a total loss for YIV as well for Mom’s tenant who kept his shiny new Harley in one of the garage bays (my mother’s car was also burnt to a crisp)... We peered into the black, charred holes where used to be all our carefully sorted and packed things, hoping to see something salvageable, but having to look away.

At this point, it’s still settling in and all I can do is write about it. We don’t know where we stand with Pennsic at this point. We were just getting geared up for it and drafting plans for our new kitchen and expanded lounge space. We had big plans for our third year. We were even going to begin writing about our preparations on [their blog]....