Lochac May Crown results

The populace of the Kingdom of Lochac gathered in the Shire of Bordercros on the second Saturday of May, AS XXXXI, in the company of their much loved King and Queen, Aedwarde and Yolande, to participate in and witness the Crown Tourney that would ensure the succession should anything (forfend the very notion!) happen to Their Royal Majesties.

Nine there were that stood forth to contest for the great honour. That their names be forever recorded, here they are:

  • Sir Inigo de Massaglia, Baron of Ildhafn
  • Earl Sir Draco of Jorvik
  • Sir Hugh the Little,
  • Master Thaddeus Blaeney
  • Master Gwynfor Lwyd
  • Baron Nathan Blacktower
  • Lord Miles de Coldwell
  • Lord Conan MacAndreis
  • Lord Eoghan MacAndreis

Their Majesties determined that in order that each contestant might be fully tested, there should be a round robin tourney held. At the end of the round robin, three who vied for the list had each but one loss. Master Thaddeus Blaeney, Sir Hugh the Little and Sir Draco of Jorvik then fought a round robin to determine the finalists. Master Thaddeus Blaeney was valiant, but eliminated, leaving Sir Draco and Sir Hugh to fight out the final. The first bout went to Sir Draco. The second saw Sir Hugh emerge the victor. The last bout again saw Sir Draco victorious. Sir Draco was named Crown Prince on the field, and he then named his inspiration, Countess Asa, Crown Princess.

Earl Draco and Countess Asa, Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Lochac will take Their thrones in the Canton of Cluain, in the Barony of Ildhafn (Hamilton, New Zealand) in early July.