Swords and swordplay entertain and educate public at Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Two SCA members who also cross over into 18th century fencing reenactment in the New World were among those who entertained and educated the public at the Pottstown, Pennsylvania May Day Festival. The Pottstown Mercury has the story, courtesy of Evan Brandt.

Over 1000 people were on hand to witness the demonstrations of rapier mastery by Charles Anderson (an instructor at the Virginia Academy of Fencing) and his son Johnny Anderson.

According to the article, "Both men, members of the quaintly named Society for Creative Anachronism, portray a class of master swordsmen who traveled the east coast circa 1780, teaching the art of swordplay to anyone willing and able to pay."

The event also included costumed demonstrations of period blacksmithing and other crafts.