Thatsa Mare XI

Thatsa Mare XI: Our Exchequer is Cheap and Won’t Give Us a Pence Event! FREE! Camping Event held in the Shire of Mare Amethystinum

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, at 5800 Mapleward Road.
June 9, 10, 11, 2006.

Activities include but are not limited to; Fighting – Marshals needed, contact Autocrat to volunteer. Saturday Bowl and Bread Breakfast, Pot Luck Dinner Feast, Bellydance Instruction Class of all levels – bring your bellydance scarf – drummers welcomed! Scavenger Hunt, Trading Circle, Cob Oven building class (pending), Bardic Events sponsored by Shire Youth, Raffle and more fun in the sun!

The Lord and Lady of Edgewater Manor are pleased to sponsor a simple noonday meal which is complimentary to all out of town guests.

Bellydancing Class will be on Saturday at 2:30pm: a recognized teacher of many years, this one hour class will be held on Saturday. No experience necessay!

Bring your hip scarf and/or a willingness to dance and join us for some Arabic fun.  This class will be for all learning levels and is recommended for those age 7 and up!

Pre-registration is not required. If you have questions please contact Lady Barabel at

As well, drummers and dancers are wanted for dancing around the bonfire Saturday evening, please bring your favorite CD if you can’t convince your drummer to attend.

Contact Information:
Event Steward Lady Aymee D’Ivry, email at

If you would like to teach, or coordinate an activity please contact us or download our Volunteer Sign-Up form!

Pot Luck Feast Steward Lady Bodvildr Sigarsdottir

~ Fun and Games to entertain.
We appeal to the more kinetic Sca'dian with heavy weapons fighting, a torch light tournament, and highland & lowland games (fools court for the winner of the lowland games). For more information about fighting please contact our Knights Marshal Griffon Caramon.

Others may prefers to share a song, a class, or a game of chess. All of which can be found at the Crimson Tortoise, where you are free to wet your whistle to local flavours. If you would like to volunteer to help out please view our Sign-Up sheet. Check the volunteer schedule to see where you are needed. Location:
Shire of Mare Amethystinum (Thunder Bay, Ontario)