Ian & Katherine's Last Championships

It's the merry month of May, and all our fancies lightly turn to thoughts of... Championships! Come join Ian and Katherine, Viceroy and Vicereine of Ostgardr, at Putnam County Veterans Memorial Park for the their last Provincial Championships.  Competitions will be held to choose the Rattan, Fencing, Archery, Bardic and Tangible Arts Champions. There will be Open Competitions in all categories for those not eligible to be Champions.

This event will see the last "solo" Court of Ian and Katherine before the appointment of their heirs.

A High Medieval feast of seasonal foods in celebration of the day and appropriate to the pastoral setting will be prepared by the Cooks of Ostgardr under the guidance of Master G.  Tacitus Adamantius.  A substantial Day Board will be available for all.

Sir Edward Zifran of Gendy will be coordinating entertainment during the feast.  Please contact him in advance if you are interested in performing.

Merchants are welcome, please contact the Autocrat.

Site Rules:  the site is BONE DRY.  Dogs are welcome but must be leashed at all times.

Ostgardrian Provincial Champions Division:
These are open to all residents of the Crown Province, including past holders of the Champion's Titles.  Members of the Chivalry are requested not to compete for the Rattan Championship, but are most welcome to enter the Open Rattan Competition and/or the Championships in other categories. 

Winners of the Ostgardrian Championships will serve as Provincial Champions for a year, or until an appropriate competition is held.  They will serve as Ian and Katherine's last Champions, attending Their Excellencies ceremonially at summer events, and taking part in the Investiture ceremony of the new Viceroy/Vicereine, presently scheduled for the Feast of John Barleycorn in September.  Henceforth they will serve the new Viceroy/Vicereine.  At all times, the Provincial Champions will represent the Crown Province of Ostgardr.

Open Competition Division:
All competitions will have an Open Division for those not competing for the Provincial Championship in that category.  Appropriate prizes will be provided for the winners of the Open Division.  Competitors in the Open Division will be eligible for the Vicereine's Prize

The Vicereine's Prize:
The Vicereine's Prize is intended to encourage and honor those who strive for excellence in both physical sports and artistic endeavors.  The prize will be awarded to the person who has the highest score/ranking in combining one sports category (rattan, fencing, archery) with one arts category (bardic, tangible arts).  This prize may be given to either an Ostgardrian or non-Ostgardrian, peer or non-peer.

Rules for the Tangible Arts Competition:

  1. One person, one entry.  The aim is for entrants to strive to create, in Countess Aidan's term, "an artifact":  an object sufficiently authentic in both concept and execution such that, if placed in a showcase alongside actual medieval/Renaissance items, it would be distinguishable mostly by its newness.
  2. Judging.  Judging will be based on a "double-elimination" process.  Items will be judged first for authenticity - "How authentic is this piece in concept and execution?" The more authentic a piece is in design, materials, production techniques and usage, without directly copying a specific extant period item, the higher the score.  Entries "clearing the bar" for authenticity, in the opinion of the judges, will then be judged for aesthetics.  Judging, at this point, will be designed to emulate the standards applied by period skilled craftsmen/guildsmen, Each piece will be judged for the appropriateness of its creative elements (design, materials, techniques), and the craftsmanship with which the piece is made.  In the final stage of the judging, the entrants who created the highest-scoring pieces will be asked to meet with the judges and Their Excellencies.  At that time, they may answer any questions that might arise concerning the pieces and their creation.  The judges may consult, at their discretion, with any available outside authorities in a given discipline before making their decisions.
  3. Combination Pieces.  Pieces that exhibit two or more skills by a single craftsman (an embroidered tunic, or a carved box) can be entered and judged in several ways.  For example:  A) a tunic with embroidery - the tunic is the submission; the fact that it is embroidered is considered for authenticity, but the embroidery itself is not judged.  B) embroidery on a tunic - the reverse of the above, the embroidery is the entry, the fact that it is on a tunic, and its appropriateness there, is considered, but the tunic as a garment is not judged.  C) an embroidered tunic - both the tunic and the embroidery are to be considered for both authenticity and aesthetics as a singe form.
  4. Joint Creations.  Pieces that are created by two people may be judged for both artists only if the skills can be definitively separated; i.e.  the embroidery on a tunic and its construction, the carving of a box and its joinery, the illumination of a manuscript and its calligraphy.  Each artist must handle the artistic decisions appropriate to his/her craft.  The embroiderer or carver cannot simply execute designs laid out by the costumer or joiner, and vice versa.  Points for the success of the collaberation will be given to both parties.
  5. The Vicereine's Prize.  Entrants who wish their scores to be considered for The Vicereine's Prize (for which their scores will be combined with their corresponding score in a sports division) should make that known to the judges when entering the competition.

Rules for the Bardic Competition will be announced shortly.

From the South:  Take your best route to Rte 684 north to Rte 84 west.  Get off at exit 18 (Carmel/Patterson) turn left onto Rte 311.  *Go over a causeway and turn left onto Rte 52.  At the Putnam County Courthouse turn right onto Rte 301.  Go over another causeway and turn right right onto Gipsy Trail Road.  The site will be on your right.

From the North:  Take your best route to Rte 84 east.  Get off at exit 18 (Carmel/Patterson), turn right onto Rte 52 and continue at above*.

By Mass Transit:  Please contact the Autocrat to make advance arrangements to be picked up from the Brewster (Metro North) Train Station.

At-a-Glance Event Information
Putnam County Veterans Memorial Park
199 Gipsy Trail Road
Carmel, NY  10512

Site Opens: 10:00 am
Site Closes: 10:00pm

Event Fees:
Site : Site Fees:  On-board:  $20, (includes feast and day-board).  Off-board:  $10 (includes day-board).  Children 12 and under are half-price.  Babes in arms are free.  The $3 surcharge applies to those without a blue card or Pikestaff proof of membership.

Lady Brithwen de Bores Hulla (Luisa M.  Walker)

Other Contact Information: Questions regarding the feast, incuding any dietary concerns:  contact Master G.  Tacitus Adamantius: 
adamantius.magister@verizon.net Location:
Crown Province of Ostgardr (Carmel, New York)