Spring Offensive

It is that time again to break out your trashy garb, unpack the pink flamingo's and prepare to greet spring in a truly Selviergardian way! This year, the event will be held at Houston Campgrounds on May 19th thru 21st. Site will open at 5pm Friday and close on 5pm Sunday. A grand Faux Pas will be held this year for both heavy and rapier fighters alike.

Events Include:
Baroness Katarzina's Rapier Champion Tourney - Come Rapier fighters and earn the right to be called a Rapier Champion!

The Grand Faux Pas d'Armes - Fighters and their consorts will wear outlandish garb and accessories. Please remember safety on the field. No fighter will be allowed on the field if his armor and/or accessories are not safe. The Faux Pas d'Armes will be judged by the crowd, with special note taken to the gaudiness of the fighters. Both heavy and rapier fighters are welcome to fight in separate erics of course.

The Countess Constantina Junk Garb Wars - Groups of three will receive one roll of duct tape and a bag of some of the craziest fabrics seen in a while. The theme for this year: Elizabethan. Does your team have what it takes to turn trashy fabric into grand garb worthy of Elizabeth Rex? Participants have one hour for their creation and are judged by a panel of a laurel, a knight and a pelican. A procession will take place to "show the wares".

Offensive Encampment - This year, Selviergard would like to unveil the first Offensive Encampment competition ever in Oertha. Old Christmas trees, lights, you name it. Make your encampment offensive, yet still tactful. The competition is to be judged by originality and tactfulness.

Offensive Garb Contest - Join the traditional Offensive Garb contest and try to win the prestige and, um, envy of your friends.

For Breakfast: Coffee and hot water for tea, cocoa, or whatever.
For Lunch: a Turkey with rice soup with bread will be provided
Feast is by Potluck - meat and bread will be provided
If you were born in the month of:
January - March bring Vegetable dishes
April - June bring Salads (green, pasta, relish tray, molded etc.)
July - September bring Cheeses, Spreads etc.
October -December bring Starch dishes

Sunday: No feast but breakfast and lunch offerings will be whatever is left over from Saturday's breakfast and lunch. J

Site fee will be $20.00 for families, $8.00 for adults, $5.00 for children (ages 4 - 12), and free for children 3 and under.

More information to follow in your local newsletters and email groups.

Meadbhb ingen Suilleabhain and Thomas "Two-Bears" Location:
Shire of Selviergard(Houston, Alaska)