War of the Trillium II

Crusaders March Through Ealdormere The year is 1203 and the armies of the Fourth Crusade have Constantinople under siege. In typically Byzantine fashion the Frankish/Venetian army has been called upon to invade the city by Prince Alexius of Constantinople, son of the deposed Emperor Isaac. Alexius has begged aid of the assembled Frankish & Venetian armies of the Fourth Crusade to aid him in restoring the scarlet buskins of the Emperor to his father, who languishes in prison where he was thrown after having his eyes torn out by his brother.

After much discussion, the crusaders, who have been much weakened by the desertions of faithless nobles who have forgotten the meaning of their word, agree to aid Prince Alexius against his usurping uncle. In return for the Crusaders aid Alexius has sworn to then to the following conditions, that he would place the Empire once again under the authority of Rome from which it has been long estranged; 200,000 marks plus provisions for every man in the army; 10,000 men plus himself to accompany the crusaders to liberate Jerusalem; to maintain 500 knights in the Holy City, at his own expense, for its protection so long as he lives.

At the urging of King Phillip of Germany and Pope Innocent the Third the Crusaders agreed to divert their path from Jerusalem to help Prince Alexius to regain his father's throne. Thus we come before the walls of Constantinople, the greatest city in Christendom, with the continued hope of the liberation of Jerusalem at stake, as well as the fate of the Byzantine Empire. On land the combined armies of the noble French barons line up with their German brothers. On sea the Venetians order their fleet, bristling with mangonels and petraries, fore and aft castles heavy with scaling ladders and lances. Upon the walls of the city the Byzantines are fortified by English and Danish soldiers armed with battle axes, along with other sundry Eastern mercenaries, while the Greek knights and their mounts wait in reserve behind the imposing city walls.


War of the Trillium 2

The siege of Constantinople will be re-enacted within the emerald lands of Ardchreag, with the Crusaders, led by Lord Derfel Mallory, attacking the Byzantines under the command of THL Baldric Leeman of Newcastle Emlyn.

Come join us in the fun!

Wednesday June 29 - Sunday July 3
Heber Down conservation Area, Whitby

Gate will be open:
1 pm - 10 pm June 29
10 am - 10 pm June 30
10 am - 10 pm July 1
10 am - 2 pm July 2
Event ends at 1 pm July 3

Arriving on Wednesday $30*
Arriving on Thursday $25*
Arriving on Friday $20*
Arriving on Saturday $15*
Arriving on Sunday N/A
Special Day Tripper price: $10* for one day
Youth 13 - 17 are ½ price, 12 and under are free.
Family Rate Cap - families will pay the maximum of 2 adults and 1 youth.
All other children (under 18) in the family are free. (Family must all reside together.)
* As mandated by the BOD, a $4 non-member surcharge will be added to the site fees for all adult non-members. Proof of Membership (current Tidings Label, Membership Card) required @ gate for Member discount.

No cheques at the gate, Payment in cash only.

All Funds Canadian

Basic Directions: Take Hwy 401 to Hwy 12, Brock St. in Whitby (Not Brock Rd. in Pickering). Go North travel through town to Taunton Rd. (Intersection has traffic lights and a Petro Can gas station on NE corner). Turn West to Country Lane Rd. Turn North onto Country Lane Rd., Follow it until it ends in a "T" and hang right. If in doubt follow the signs. After setting up it is required that all gentles will park their vehicles in the designated parking area. Alternate Directions from the West: Take Hwy 401 to Salem Rd. in Ajax. Go North to Highway #2. Turn East to Lakeridge Road. Go North about 5km to Taunton Road. Turn East onto Taunton Rd. and follow to Country Lane. Turn North onto Country Lane Rd., Follow it until it ends in a "T" and hang right. If in doubt follow the signs. After setting up it is required that all gentles will park their vehicles in the designated parking area. Please Note: For those of you who have been to the Heber Downs site before, there is no longer a off-ramp at Harwood Road. Use Salem Road instead.

Due to our growing popularity, attendance and previous years' parking difficulties, we will once again be implementing a preferred parking area.

This is being done out of necessity due to a shortage of parking space on the site. There just isn't a lot of space for cars to be on the site with the amount of campers we have. This idea is similar to what is used at Pennsic War. For a small fee ($5 Canadian) you will get a parking space for the entire weekend and a pass for your vehicle for parking in the area by troll. We will predetermine the number of vehicles that we can guarantee spaces for (There will be areas marked for roadways with flagging stakes) and we will only issue that number of preferred parking passes. They will be issued on a first come first served basis to insure fairness (no reservations). All other vehicles and any trailers will have to park in the outer (free) parking lot.

THIS IN NO WAY MEANS THERE IS NOT FREE PARKING AT EWP! There is still a large free parking lot not far from the main site (at the conservation area gates) that has for the most part been unused in previous years. It is approximately a gentle 10 minute walk from the parking lot at the main entrance to the site at the top of the hill. I've done it at night and it's wonderful.

Please note, to encourage use of the free parking area we will issue 1 free parking pass to large groups/households so that they can organize a shuttle to and from the free parking area for their groups. Free passes will be issued at the Autocrats discretion. Contact the Autocrats for details.

We hope this will solve the parking problems of past years.

Our Parking Enforcer is Lord Eirik Andersen.

Speed limit on site is 10KM MAX per hour.

To be announced. Duke Sir Berus is the marshal in charge.

There will be several arts and sciences related activities at War of the Trillium this year. More information to come.

The Archery range will be open sometime Wednesday, and will be closed sometime Sunday (the camp will be cried).

The Royal Archery Tourney will be held Saturday morning. There will be many other competitions.

More information to come.

Glynis of Ardchreag will be orchestrating several children's activities over the course of the event.

1. The House Galbraith Party! House Galbraith will celebrate its 14th anniversary party on Saturday night of War of the Trillium. The Party is open to all our friends (whether you know us or not) and starts at 0' dark thirty. Activities include the copious consumption of Galbraith Mead (a traditional favorite), a treasure hunt, our annual 'toss the body' contest, music, social interaction and all the other aspects of drunken revelry you've come to expect.

The party is not particularly child-friendly (see: "copious quantities of Galbraith mead"). Please have ID available in camp if you plan on consuming alcohol and appear close to the legal age, as we will be carding and you may be asked to produce ID. We will have non-alcoholic alternatives available.

Please note that we will, however, have the usual piñata-game in the early evening for our younger friends (see: Kids activity). Also note that we ask that you keep your dogs in your camp.

The House Galbraith party will take place in the Main Battlefield. Bring your mug!

2. Bardic Circle

3. The Fifth Annual Lord Ulrich von der See Memorial Ealdormerean Brewing Competition The Canton of Ardchreag is proud to sponsor this annual event held in memory of Ulrich.

The categories include mead, beer, wine, cordial and cider. Judging will be done by the entrants themselves in a blind taste test.

Organized by the Ale Tasters of Ard Chreag and the Ealdormere Brewers and Vintners Guild. The mead competition will be held at 6ish on Saturday evening, prior to the Galbraith party, in the main A&S Tent. Also note that spectators are welcome to join us.

4. Baroness Adrielle's Umpteenth Annual Tablero Match of DOOM! Please direct all Tablero inquiries onsite directly to Baroness Adrielle. Tablero matches are normally scheduled for the evening.

5. Merchanting Anyone interested in setting up a merchant stand at War of the Trillium should please contact Lady Tarian verch Gadarn.

6. Yard Sale and Pillage Time and place to be announced.

7. Ironage Chef Time and place to be announced.

Mahault van der Eych, Event Steward
M.K.A Deb Mattingly

Tarian verch Gadarn, Event Steward and Merchant Liaison
M.K.A. Michaela Helliwell
tarian@tworavens.org Location:
Canton of Ardchreag (Whitby, Ontario)

Incorrect Dates

Please note that the dates listed in the flyer are wrong. The event runs from Wednesday June 28 until Sunday July 2.