Pillage, Plunder, and Rapier

AHOY!!... Me Hearties. Stand to - come about - and weigh anchor. Man the gunwalls - Draw up the riggings on that mizzen. And Hoist me Colors! The time draws near - so make ready your coffers! Booty beckons from the depths of the Hills. (The *Endless Hills* that is)

"Pillage, Plunder, and Rapier "  {{returns}}
September 9, 2006
Lacawac Sanctuary  (no street address)
RR 1 Box 1683
Lake Ariel PA 18436

The Barony of Endless Hills beckons - so come one come all - don your best Pyrate hat, boots, and blades and join us at Port Lacawac Sanctuary - for a day of pillaging, plundering, and swashbuckling fun, sure to satisfy even the most discriminatory of piratey tastes. And what better way to relax and enjoy the plunders o'the day, than to sit down to - nay, not to hard tac m'maties - but a tempting and tantalizing feast - prepared by that infamous galley extraordinaire - Mess Wizard - Master of the wooden spoon - that culinary connoisseur - Lord Matthias (zepheral@yahoo.com)  . n' if'n he aint any good, we'll make im' walk the plank!

The day's schedule will be bountiful to not only include a Pyrate's fill of swashbuckling engagement and heavy fighting - but youth activities, thrown weapons, archery, dancing, and Arts & Sciences are also on the menu for your plundering enjoyment. There will be something for everyone!! A Pyrates playhouse of adventure!  Bards will be encouraged to stand up atop the pirates chest and regale the crew with tales of the briney deep- (parrots not included).

Merchants are welcome, but bein' Pyrates of the highest caliber, we must request a most modest piece of eight for the space. ($1.00).

Member costs for the event are:  Site Fee: [$8.00 Crew] - [$7 Cabin Mates 13-17] - [$4 Cabin Mates 6-12].  [Wee Bairns - 5 and under free] Non Member Service Fee:  $3.00

Feast: [$8.00 Crew] - [$8.00 Cabin Mates 13-17] - [$4.00 Cabin Mates 6-12] - [Wee Bairns - 5 and under $1.00]

Your Captain's for this voyage are:  Lady Deianeira (LadyDeianeira@adelphia.net) and THL Kateryna (THLKateryna@verizon.net). Questions regarding event activities should be directed to Lady Deianeira at the email listed above. Location:
Barony of Endless Hills (Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania)