Today in the Middle Ages: May 10, 1291

On May 10, 1291, Edward I of England met with the nobles of Scotland to select their king.

Edward, called Longshanks for his great height, had planned to marry his son to Margaret, Maid of Norway, the youthful heir to the Scottish throne. But Margaret died before the marriage could take place. The Scottish nobles initially accepted Edward's judgment in selecting her successor, and John Balliol was chosen and crowned at Scone. However, when Edward demanded to be acknowledged as the overlord of Scotland, the Scots resisted. Rebellion ensued.

It was Edward Longshanks who removed the sacred Stone of Destiny from Scone and took it to Westminster Abbey. Every English monarch since has been crowned while seated on the Stone. In 1996, the Stone was returned to Scotland, but it is planned that it will return to London for coronations.