Web Site Offers Detailed Persona Research Articles

A new web site, "Down to the Day", offers help to those who wish to research their Middle Ages persona in great detail. According to the site's home page:

Down to the Day is an 'unofficial' SCA group devoted to historical research and pursuit of authenticity in personae. Our philosophy is simple: construction of period garb and accessories, exploration of period attitudes and customs, and a little creative role-playing all add to the medieval atmosphere of our game, the SCA. ....

The working theory is that this process will in time assist scholars and novices alike in creating a more authentic experience for themselves and for those with whom they play. The entire project is undertaken with the knowledge that truly nailing down the specifics of a single medieval day is impossible; the day simply provides a clear focus for one's efforts.

The link from the title of this article will take you to the Down to the Day home page.