Best Little Army

Two Armies crouched in battle formation on opposing sides of the meadow. The Archers loose! The Cavalries charge! The Infantries crash together and the battle..... ~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~

Armies consist of:
1 Archer,
1 Equestrian and
1 Armored Fighter.

Form your own now and compete to be the Best Little Army in Artemisia.

Two divisions:
1) Regular Armies of comrades formed to be highly competitive units.
2) Irregular Armies formed at the event weighted and assigned to be evenly matched.

Tournament description:
Two three-man armies enter the battlefield. At the signal, the archers loose 6 arrows. Shoot slowly and carefully to score well or be the first to finish and get extra points. Then the cavalries charges through the fray removing the heads of opponents. The first to finish gets extra points. And finally, the armored fighters of the infantries clash. Points are lost as time elapses so fight carefully but aggressively.

Regular armies are formed to win; pick your comrades and go for the victory. Or join the Irregulars who will be assigned an army. Or, do both!!!

Regular Armies need to register by May 14th.

Moroccan Feast reservations due by May 14th... only 30 places available at $15 each.

Register the names of your army, members and the colors you will fly. All other entrants will be placed in the Irregular army pool and be assigned an army at the event.

A processional for the Regular Armies shall take place prior to the battle. Make your presentation to Their Excellencies Baron Tor and Baroness Rachel as colorful as you can imagine. Spectators bring your purses and bet on which army you think will become The Best Little Army of Artemisia. A Gift to the winning bidder will be on display... all proceeds go to the barony. Processional begins Saturday, 11.A.M.

Camp on the grass surrounding the tournament field and dress up your encampment flying your colors. There will be a prize awarded on Sunday for the encampment with the "most ambiance". Land allocation for households is available. (Contact Event Stewards.)

For your convenience, there are showers on site, potable water, shade trees and a stabling facility.

The site is wet (period containers please), aboveground fires as well as tiki torches are permitted and pets are allowed (leased please).

Merchants please come sell your wares.

The Prancing Moose Tavern will host gaming, dancing and a torchlight rapier tournament. During the daylight hours, it will host Universitatis Classes and Children's Activities. For those who enjoy the comforts of RVing, you may park close by the main encampment in Tinker Town.

Horse owners:
Be prepared to show your equine's passport. Those traveling interstate, check w/your vet for current legal requirements. Those travelling in-state, please be current on strangles & the Artemisian 2-yr. Coggins rule. Stalls with bedding are available for $5 pr day. There is ample room to ride and plenty of room for trailers. Rental Horses are available, first come first serve. Make reservations with Yaasamiin.

Directions to site:
Elmore County Fairgronds in Glenns Ferry, ID (between Boise and Twin Falls): 1-hour east of Boise, ID take exit #121 off I-84. The exit is at Glenn's Ferry, home of the Three Island Crossing and Carmela Winery. The site is Elmore County Fairgrounds. Signs will be posted. Horses enter on Frontage Rd. Modern amenities only minutes away in Glenns Ferry.

Site fee:
Opens 4pm Friday and closes 5pm on Sunday.
Adult camper $15, daytripper $10.
Kids under 12 yrs camping $8, daytripping $6.
Non-member fee to each $3 (so bring those blue cards!).
Babes in arms free.

Stabling for horses... see above.

Moroccan Feast reservations due by May 14th... only 30 places available at $15 each.

Stewards: Maître Guillaume dela Rapiére, and Mu'allemah Yaasamiin al-Raqqasa al-'Alaa'iiyiyya,

Teleri ferch Llud,

Lady Ivegard Sask,

Class and Merchant:
Lady Lysette Devreaux, Location:
Barony of Arn Hold (Glenns Ferry, Idaho)