Mid May Festival

The frigid winds of winter have given way to the gentle warm breezes of spring in the far northern reaches of Artemisia. The Incipient Shire of Windegate invites one and all to our Mid-May Festival and Champion Tourneys. We call upon all artisans to showcase their latest efforts whether they are completed works, works in progress or performance pieces. Judging will be by kingdom standards and the victor shall serve as champion for one year. The arts and sciences competition is open to all with no restriction upon who may serve as champion. Not champion of your own group? Come try to be champion of ours.

Our knight marshal and current champion call upon all armored combatants to demonstrate your worthiness upon our list field. At the days end there may only be one proven victor, our champion will carry "Gratis" the shire's champion's spear. The title may only last for a year but your mark will live on in the historical lineage along the shaft of this mighty weapon of war. Will your device be added next? Our tournament is open to any card carrying member with valid current fighter's authorization number, according to the rules of the lists entrants must be at least 18 years of age.

'The day will also feature several classes: Glass and general bead work with Lady Shalama, middle-eastern dance and drumming with Mistress Mirr and HL Terrell, courtly graces with Master Willum Halfhand as well as others should time allow.

There will be a light luncheon in the afternoon with a feast of Mediterranean delights fit for even the most discerning tastes.

Site will open at 10 am Saturday May 13th and closes at 10 pm

Site Information:
Times: May 13, 2006 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Directions: Find your best route to 1-15 heading north toward Canada. Take exit 363 and head east toward the town of Shelby. Turn right just before Albertson's and continue to the stop sign. Turn left onto Main Street and follow the posted signs to site. The Elks lodge stands right next to the Wells Fargo Bank on the north side of the road. If you cross railroad tracks you have gone too far.

Address: Shelby Elks lodge at 137 Main Street in Shelby, MT.

Merchants: Merchants are welcome and encouraged to attend. Merchant fee is simply a small donation to our auction.

Site Fee: Site fee is $4.00 for members and $7.00 for non-members. Smalls 4-10 years old, just $2.00 each with applicable non-member surcharge. Babes in arms are free.

Feast fee: Feast fee is $8.00 for all day or just $6.00 for evening feast only.

Note: Site is discreetly damp but alcoholic beverages must be purchased from the on site Elks tavern in the basement of the building.

Note: Our shire auction will run directly after feast but may close at any time. If you see something you wish to bid for don't be hesitant.

Event Stewards:
Lady Shalama (K.C. Krutzfeld)
HL Terrell al-Qasab

Feast Stewards:
Lord Walter (Walter Krutzfeld)
Mistress Mirr Merat al-Qasab

http://www.crystalcrags.org/CrystalCrags/MidMayEvent06.html Location:
Incipient Shire of Windegate (Shelby, Montana)