Calontir Crown Combatants Announced

Their Majesties Semjaka and Xorazne of the Kingdom of Calontir have posted the list of combatants for Their upcoming Crown Tournament. The Tourney will take place May 6, 2006 in the Shire of Spinning Winds (Manhattan, Kansas).

Their Majesties write:

Joyous greetings unto the Populace of Calontir from Their Majesties Semjaka and Xorazne.

It is with great excitement that We release the names of the Combatants and Consorts who will be participating in Our Crown Tournament.  We are honored by such a fine field of men and women and are afire with anticipation for the Tournament day.

The list, in no particular order, is as follows:

  • Lord Kaios Alexandros Barbarou / Lady Kathalyn Nimet
  • HL Clef of Cividale / Lady Una of Ivory Keep
  • Sir Theodorex Rufus / HL Luzia do Valongo
  • Sir Duncan Bruce of Logan / Lady Ylva Jonsdottir
  • Duke Dongal Ericksson / Duchess Phaedra Filia Roberta
  • HE Sir Hirsch Ross Eichmann / HE Mistress Meredydd ferch Owain ap Eliseg
  • Duke Martino Michel Veneri / Duchess Ariel of Glastonbury Tor
  • Duchess Ariel of Glastonbury Tor / Duke Martino Michel Veneri
  • HE Master Sir James MacLachlan / HL Elianor de Moreland
  • Mistress Olga Belobashnina Cherepanova / Master Owain ap Bleddynellwyd
  • Lord Timothy MacAngus / Lady Catherine Darke of the Forest
  • Lord Talbot of Galtris / Lady Meadhbh inghean ui Suibne
  • Conde Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon / Countess Lyriel de la For�
  • HE Sir Tristram of Lindesfarne / HL Caillin MacKenzie
  • HL Caillin MacKenzie / HE Sir Tristram of Lindesfarne
  • HL Jack of Banyard / HL Kakthryn (Cara) Wyther
  • Sir Angelo Paolo Cavalli / Mistress Jane Corwin
  • Baron Master Syr Angus of Blackmoor / Baroness Mistress Diana MacLean
  • Ld. Cai Dubhghlas / Ly. Sameera bin Faarooq
  • Lord Alric Upplendingr / Lady Aileth Semere
  • H.L. Jean Michel Guicard / Lady Brianna of Mag Mor (the Fair)
  • Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis / Countess Fionna nic Alisdair
  • Duke Lorell of Shrewsbury / Countess Cadfael the Mordacious
  • Sir Marcus de la Forest / Mistress Christiaen Jansen
  • Lord Raudr Ottarsson / HL Roselyn of Aberdeen
  • Baron Syr Gawayne ap Tristram / Baroness Brialen Ulfsdottir Viking