History of Science Society Calls for Papers on New Plants

The Botany Section of the History of Science Society has called for papers to be submitted for the Society's Annual Meeting to be held in Cambridge, MA November 20-23, 2003. The topic is: "New Plants and Botany Before Linnaeus." Anyone who works with plants is eligible to submit papers to be considered for this year's annual meeting of the Botany Section of History of Science Society. This year's theme deals with plants and botany before Linnaeus. The announcement invites submissions from "people who use plants in their work - physicians, pharmacists, midwives, herb-gatherers, explorers, naturalists, chemists, gardeners, farmers, veterinarians, artisans - have encountered unfamiliar plants," and is specifically looking for papers on plants from pre-history through the 17th century.

The deadline for submission is April 1, 2003. Proposals (title and short abstract) should be sent to Alain Touwaide, at atouwaide@hotmail.com, or to Karen Reeds, at karen.reeds@verizon.net .