Felix and Madeleina Crowned King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom

Their Royal Majesties Felix and Madeleina ascended the thrones of the Middle in glorious Turkish style.

Felix came into the court in the company of a force of mysterious, black hooded folk who upon reaching the dais, removed their hoods to reveal the red and white tabards of Midrealm unbelted fighters. He was duly crowned by the hands of Edmund IV, and then called for his Lady Wife. The Princess was preceded by a cadre of ladies in fine Turkish accoutrement, and then was made Queen Madeleina.

During the evening's Court, Master Thorvald Redhair stepped into office as Dragon Principal Herald. Having received the regalia of the Dragon Herald from Maistir Rory mac Feidlimidh, he kept the retiring Dragon Herald, Rory on the dais a moment longer. It was then, Maistir Rory was named Midlands Herald Extraordinary for his lifetime of service to Kingdom, Crown and College. He is only the third Herald Extraordinary created in the 36 year history of the Middle Kingdom. This title was bestowed by Their Majesties Felix and Madeleina in agreement with the Dragon Principal Herald, Master Thorvald.

In other news, Malcolm Donnelly was elevated to the Chivalry in the last court of Their Majesties Edmund and Kateryn. He was serenaded into the presence by Her Excellency, Countess Noelle. It was one of those times in Court where goodwill and happiness for the new knight is nearly a tangible thing.

A great many people were recognized for their contributions throughout the day, for service and for artisanship. The Barony of Northwoods made a great presentation of gifts to King Felix and Queen Madeleina for the children's chest, the scribes chest and more than 200 award medallions.