Photos from Folcland Fest

Folo has posted photos from Micel Folcland's first independent event which took place recently in Vermillion County, Illinois. Micel Folcland is associated with Regia Anglorum, a living history group which re-creates British history.

According to the website:

"On the weekend of 22-23 April, 2006, Micel Folcland held its first independent LHE and encampment at Forest Glen, a Vermillion County forest preserve near Westville, Illinois, at a site used by many living history groups. "Folcland Fest I: A Viking Celebration of Spring" was attended by four members of Micel Folcland--Babette Colburn, Karen Bergquist, Julie Watkins and Folo Watkins, and there was a steady stream of interested folks, who looked at artifacts, talked to the reenactors and asked a lot of intelligent questions. We cooked, did naalbinding, bonework and listened as a pack of coyotes ran through the camp at night. A good time was had during a splendid weekend, and we talked about upcoming activities. Susan Biggs--the manager of the site-and her staff liked the event, and we were invited back for next year, and we also discussed organizing a timeline event that might include other eras."

View Folo's photo album by visiting the website.