Collegium Occidentalis

Collegium Occidentalis is right around the corner and Boy! Do we have a lot of excellent classes and with more coming. We have a fabulous scribal track, an inspirational fighting track, and a wide variety of needle work classes. We have fiber classes to knot you up and costuming classes for both veteran and beginner. Our teachers are first rate and the feast is going to be a culinary delight.

Collegium Occidentalis
Kingdom of the West
Sierra Arden UCC
890 Morse Ave
Sacramento, CA 95864

Class Sign-in begins at 8:30am
Artisans' Display begins at 10am and runs until 4pm
Classes begin at 9:00 and run until 5pm
Feast Begins at 5:30
Feast hall closes at 10:00 pm

Classes will be hosted both indoors and outdoors. Strict no tobacco or firearm policy. During feast, table cloths are encouraged and light candles are permitted

Driving Directions:
Take Hwy 50 to Sacramento, Exit Watt Ave going North. Turn Left at Fair Oaks Blvd. Turn right onto Morse Ave. Church is on the Right hand side.

Site Fee (Feast not included)
Adult Site Fee: $8 (age 18+)
Ages 12-17 Site Fee: $5
Under 12: Free

Feast Tickets: (Feast Only)
Ages 12 and over: $12
Ages 5 -12 : $8
Under 5: $0

Discount Combo for attending both Event and Feast:
Youth/Adults (ages 12+): $15

Artisan's Display Information:
The Aritsan's Display is a highlight of the event. Everyone enjoys the opportunity to see completed works as well as works-in-progress. Please contact Sabrina de le Bere if you'd like to participate by sharing your art or volunteering to help attend the display.

Ascelin Meere of Ravenslocke (Denise Robello)

Come for Classes and Stay for $5 Lunch: Gianetta del Bene is organizing a lunch that can be purchased at the event. No pre-order is necessary. For just $5, you can have: Bratwurst (from Sabina Welserin), non-pork sausage,mustard (from Form of Cury), fresh cheeses, rolls, lentil salad (vegan), Lemonade/ water, and fresh fruit (Wow - thanks to Gianetta for volunteering to put this together and working with friends to make it happen. Proceeds go to support Collegium)

Feast Theme:
Feast Steward is Juana Isabella de Montoya y Ramirez

The Feast at Spring Collegium will be a late period Spanish feast, with a few late period Portuguese recipes as well.

One of the concerns of the late period Spaniard was religion. At that time, all the Jews and Moors in Spain were expected to have left or converted. There is a lot of pork and pork fat used in Spanish cuisine at this time. I believe it was a test to see whether or not an individual's conversion was sincere. Therefore, there is a fair amount of pork in this feast, so it is not vegetarian or kosher friendly. This is not inteded to comment on or insult anyone's personal choices, I just wanted to explain the dietery implications of the chosen feast theme.

The main dish of the first course includes a soup, so I recommend that you rememeber to pack a bowl with your feast ware.

Feast Entertaiment:
The Golden Stag Players will be performing something splendid during the feast.

Other bardic, dance or dramatic performers are more than welcome to contact the autocrat to arrange to perform or participate during the feast or during the lunch break.. The cost of renting sites has jumped as our local economy continues to reel from fiscal setbacks. We regret we could not bring you lower site fees and lament the days when site owners were more supportive to non-profit groups. Currently, it is not clear if stated site fees will cover all the costs incurred by the event. Therefore, we will be accepting voluntary donations at the event.

Knowledge is Pricesless CD
In appreciation of donations of $10 or more, we have invited the teachers to participate in a CD compilation of class handouts as a "Thank You" for donors.

Teachers are invited to submit a copy of their class handouts for duplication onto CDs that will be mailed after the event. Further information on participating is posted under the Teachers' Notice Board and on the CD release form.

The handouts for the CDs are collected at Collegium. The CDs are burned one time only afterwards and sent to the donors. The CDs will not be available or re-burned at a later date. Most importantly, they are not intended to replace the value of attending the classes and getting instruction in person. These are merely a thank you gift for your support of an event that promotes learning and education.

Collegium Patrons
We are also inviting groups and individuals to become Collegium Patrons by sponsoring a classroom for either half a day or a whole day. A donation of $30 sponsors a classroom for a half a day of classes and a donation of $60 sponsors a classroom for a full day. With the sponsorship comes a lovely thankyou sign posted at the entrance of the class room and a couple of Thank You CDs.

Opportunity to Participate
Many Hands Make Work Light

Would you like to participate in Collegium? Curious about behind the scenes? Want to spend your time meeting new people who are wonderfully creative?

We need volunteers to help organize the event ahead of time as well as help at the event. Contact the Autocrat if you're interested. Location:
Kingdom of the West (Sacramento, California)