Bards' Night & Cooks' Workshop

We will have a weekend of music and food on the weekend of the First of July in Shurdington in the Shire of Mynydd Gwyn. Our Bards Night celebration will be managed by Lord Acarin St Cyr, and the cooking workshop will run courtesy of Master Kit, once known to the Isles as Lady Mariella ( ) ... Please contact them for details of bardic classes and how the cooking workshop will operate.

Our site opens from 6 p.m. 30th of June and closes at 12 mid-day on Sunday the 2nd of July.

Our site fee is £18 to include crash space and food. On this occasion in Shurdington we cannot offer camping space.

We will offer simple food for the weekend, travellers fare on Friday, breakfasts Saturday and Sunday and on Saturday evening simple food will be prepared, no feast this time.

However.... during the day on Saturday all those who cook will offer their dishes for tasting... and thus a merry feasting may be had by all who choose to partake and help with judging! Master Kit will be helpful in here, if you wish to cook....

Query Lord Acarin ( ) for details of Bardic activities, I am sure he will be a fount of ideas.

I will announce travel details to the lists soon. Please email me directly for bookings, please mention if you need travel help, and also if you have any specific dietary requirements. We look forwards to a wonderful weekend of song, music, food and drink ( the site is discreetly flooded - sorry, wet ).

Yours, in Service,

Caomhin MacAindrui Location:
Shire Of Mynydd Gwyn (Shurdington, England)