Cold War Goes Forth

COLD WAR GOES FORTH. Get on Board. This year cold war presents two days of solid war.

  • Feasting (Breakfast, Lunches and Dinner Feasts from Saturday morn to Monday Morn)
  • A & S Competitions
  • Rapier Tournament
  • Boat Racing on a horrifying scale
  • Hot Showers, Normal Toilets and Dorms.

When : Friday June 9th to Monday June 12th (Site opens at 3 pm on Friday)

Where: Tara Girlguides, End of Taylor Road, Silverdale

$70 per person for whole event
$15 per dorm (We have over 60 this year)
$40 for daytripper with food
$15 for daytripper

Why : Because its aceā€¦Ask around. Location:
Barony of Rowany (Silverdale, New South Wales)