Hidden Mountain's Baronial Birthday & Pilgrimage

Hidden Mountain invites one and all to join the pilgrimage to see the miracle of the Hidden Mountain revealed! Stop by the various shrines of saints on your way and gather badges. Sharpen your swords for there are bandits and highwaymen galore! Shop till you drop and play games of skill and chance or drink from the waters of the enchanted well.

We encourage everyone to host a shrine, make a badge to supply to the Pilgrims and place a badge in our A&S competitions. For more ideas on Shrines and Pilgrimages go to our website for links to help you on your journey. Hidden Mountain's Birthday is also the time we quest for the next generation of Baronial Champions, so ready yourselves for the challenges that will be set before you.

Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~hmmayhem/

Martial Activities:
Heavy: Champions Battle will be a Double elimination Tourney for those vying for the Coveted Baronial Champions Position. The Lions Tourney is open to all and will be a Round Robin so everyone can get as much fighting in as they like.

Thrown Weapons: How close to the mark can you get?

Rapier: Show off your Skills of Quickness and Parring using your favorite funny (IE salt Cod, Cheese etc.) item.

Equestrian: A day of jousting the quintain, and for the first time in Atlantia Mounted Combat! Also we will introduce new games such as Thread the Needle for the entertainment (and amusement, I am sure) of both riders and the populace.

Arts & Sciences Activities: We offer A&S competitions for every age.

For the first time in Hidden Mountain Children will have their own category and will be judged in their three age groups. Children's competitions are: best period like food, Pilgrims badges, and Best medieval invention (note that these inventions do not need to be period or even work but the judges will be reading your documentation and you want to make them believe it is Plausible to have existed.? Be creative! For the Adults, competitions are: best scroll, Pilgrims badges, Reliquaries(documentation required), and whats in you Pilgrim's picnic basket (can be feast gear, food or even table clothing)

Site: The Beautiful Girl Scout Plantation in Cordsville, SC

Site Restrictions: This is a Dry Site. No fires except in designated areas. Pets are welcome as long as they are well behaved and on a leash.

Site Opens at 5pm on Friday, May 26th and closes at noon, on Sunday, May 28th.

From the East: take Hwy 17 Alt towards Moncks Corner. As you approach Moncks Corner, Hwy 17A joins Hwy 52 at a stoplight where you will need to turn left. At the next light turn right onto Hwy 402 and following the remaining directions.

From the South or North: take I-26 to exit 199B (Hwy 17A) north towards Moncks Corner. Turn left onto Hwy 52. At the next light turn right onto Hwy 402 and following the remaining directions.

Make an immediate right to continue on Hwy 402 towards Cordesville. In appx. 9 miles, turn right onto 3 Mile Road (this is an unpaved road). Continue straight at the crossroads to the site entrance.

Rowen the Shiftless?
Baroness Hidden Mountain? Location:
Barony of Hidden Mountain (Cordsville, South Carolina)