Hot April Knights

Shire of Talmere presents Hot April Knights: Love and Romance in the Spanish Inquisition (Because no one expects Lusty Month of May in April!!!)

Dragon Hills Camp
2800 West Hwy 5
Bowdon, GA 30108

Site is Camping Only
Troll opens 12 Noon on Friday.

Adults with feast - $16
Adults no feast - $8
Minors (12-18) with feast - $15
Minors (12-18) no feast - $7
Children (6-12) with feast - $8
Children (6-12) no feast - $4
All Children under 5 - free
All non-members add $3 surcharge

Only 125 Feast Spaces Available!!

There is a flat per person site fee so there is no pricing difference for camping and daytrip.

Per Kingdom Law: No family shall pay more than three adult fees as long as all are members and children are under age fifteen.

THLady Miramah bint Ibrahim
(mka) Heidi Wallace

THLady Catherine d'Evreux
(mka) Katie Maginn

Lady Espbeth of Talmere
(mka) Amanda Kimbrell

Equestrian Facilities Available
8 stalls available at $15/night
4 paddocks available at $10/night
2-3 rental horses available at $60/day
Those bringing your own horses, have copy of Negative Coggins and Health Certificate available for site owner and EMIC.

House Aylekeepe will be holding a fundraiser raffle. Tickets are $1 each, or 6 for $5. The prize is a handmade wooden chest packed with feast gear for two: two stoneware tumblers, two silver goblets, two plates, two saucers, utensils, tablecloth, napkins and candleholders.

Proceeds will be split between the Royal Dayshade Fund and the household, for future service projects. Drawing will be held at feast, winner need not be present.

Arts & Sciences and Classes -
Lady Edila Emmadoghter

A & S Competition - There will be poplulace judging with NO documentation required. And for the brave of heart - bring your knowledge of your project and face "The Inquisition".

Classes and teachers are listed on the Master Schedule.

Europen Dancing, organized by Lord Pyotr Lyagushka, is being held inside the Great Hall Saturday Night. Bring your music and your dancing shoes!!!

The Middle Eastern Hafla is being held outside the Great Hall, in the Drum Pit. Bring your flutes, bring your drums, bring your jingles, but leave the shoes; the Drum Pit has sand!! This will be one hafla not to be missed!!!

Take your best route to I-20 and Hwy. 27. (Exit #11) in Georgia. Go south on Hwy 27 towards Carrollton. Stay on Hwy 27 for approximately 18 miles to Hwy 5 in Roopville and turn right. Follow Hwy. 5 for approximately 5.5 miles to the Dragon Hills campsight which also houses Red Horse Stables. There will be SCA directional signs posted along the route on Hwy. 5, these will be a light blue with white lettering and a white arrow pointing ostensibly in the right direction. Location:
Shire of Talmere (Bowdon, Georgia)